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  1. B

    [SOLVED] Is white residue (skin) on mousepad normal?

    I know there is regular wear and tear on a mousepad, but to what extent does that affect the usability of the mousepad? How can I prevent the white residue or other debris from affecting mouse traction? Any general mousepad care tips?
  2. [SOLVED] Asus Scabbard/Extended Mousepad users upward crease?

    I just got this extended mousepads 2 weeks ago because the first one got the upward creases or loose fabric bumps on the corner right and it's annoying to look at. So two days ago I got this one as a replacement from the other Scabbard mousepad and it's still an issue! it goes away when ever i...
  3. paul5000

    Question RAM speed issue

    Hi, I recently upgraded my mobo, RAM and processor. My RAM is 2400, but my Bios says 2133. It's set to auto-detect. If I try to manually select 2400, my system won't boot. Happy to post whatever info is needed to figure this out. Thanks for any help!
  4. D

    Various PSU Problems?

    Hi all. I recently put in a new GPU and SSD into my computer; alongside that I re-installed Windows 8.1 onto my SSD. Before I did all this I was having occasional power issues where, after I turned my computer off, if I turned it immediately back on it wouldn't boot properly; the screens would...
  5. D

    Will I have enough power?

    So I'm looking to make some changes to my rig and have some things already on the way, the question is, will I need a bigger power supply? Everything is listed below of what I have and what I want to add. Current power supply: Corsair cx600m What I want to power: GTX 1080 Duke 8gb i7-6700k cpu...
  6. J

    Stuck in reboot loop with an blue error screen please help.. I have windows 10 and it will not let me get past this error scrn

    Qont let me get past the error screen and then it reboots.. help please
  7. M

    Z370 Asrock Extreme 4 Wifi Question

    What would be the best route to get wifi on this mobo? I do not want to use a usb adapter. Would a m.2 intel card like 8265 with a pci to m.2 adapter be my best route? Or can someone suggest a good pci wireless card? Or would it be better to buy a z370 board with built in wifi?
  8. K

    battery problem solution

    i have lenovo z50-70 laptop but enery manager show weak battery when i plugged in battery will be 100 but when i plugged out battery reduces immediately what is the problem
  9. E

    Radeon RX 480 8GB solid color freezes

    Hello, I built this PC with a Radeon RX 480 8GB just several months ago with brand new components (full specs below) and I am experiencing crashes during graphic-intense games such as Assassin's Creed Syndicate. The screen suddenly goes one solid color, usually a red or purple and I must do a...
  10. N

    GTX680 Upgrade to GTX1060 - right decision?

    Hi, I recently bought the MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X 6GB after my old GTX 680 died on me and now i'm wondering if I've made the right choice? To be honest, I was expecting a bigger increase in FPS with higher visuals but i'm really not seeing much of an increase. I paid £285 for the 1060, but last...
  11. R

    New RAM triggered instant BSOD issue

    Hello, I'm totally new here, so I hope I haven't posted this in a wrong section or something. Also, please excuse my not-so-good English, it's not my main language. Straight to my problem, tho. For Christmas I've ordered brand new 16GB of RAM, which I terribly needed, because working in few...
  12. T

    Dell S2716DG to pair with gtx 1070?

    Greetings everyone! I've been looking at the Dell S2716DG for my first build, but I'm just wondering if that is the best monitor to get for the gtx 1070. From what I hear, 1440p is the sweet spot for the gtx 1070 and features like G-Sync and 144hz is what sells this monitor for me, but I just...
  13. J

    Can I use this kind of bus for graphics cards, specifically for crossfire?

    I have a hd 7770, and I looked into crossfiring with 8x and other length busses, but was kind of confused. My question is that can if I got another hd 7770 would I be able to use this bus to crossfire it in. Thanks, Jeff
  14. SIdiouth

    Help in choosing a graphics card.

    A few things to mention first: Money is no object, I can save up as long as I have to to get the part I want. I'll be using a single 1080p monitor for the foreseeable future, but I do want to upgrade to dual. I'm interested in Crossfire/SLI, but if it's more trouble than it's worth, I'll skip. I...
  15. V

    Vertical tearing outside of games (and in games)

    Hi, I just installed an MSI gaming 5 motherboard and I7 4790k. I have a GTX 970. I re-installed windows ultimate 7, fresh. Since the install and upgrade, I've had some vertical tearing on my screen - in games, but also just on websites. I've tried using adaptive Vsync, pre-rendering frames...
  16. H

    Is this ssd good for this system if im just using it to store my os with some extra room

    Im getting an Intel 530 Series 120GB and i just want to make sure that it'll be a good size. Also does it come with a SATA cable like my harddrive or will i need to purchase one separately. Also even though im sure that the ssd is compatible with my build i just want to make sure and will it...
  17. H

    Is the HyperX FURY Series 16GB compatible with the Asus H97M-E Motherboard

    Is the compatible with
  18. R

    Equipment for external gpu

    What equipment should I need for building a external gpu? I know I need power supply, a gpu, pe4h kit. What's else??
  19. J

    Gpu drivers help :(

    Hello, i have just reinstalled windows on my PC and when i did, i installed google chrome and downloaded all drivers, before installing the gigabyte drivers, everything worked perfectly, I installed the drivers, rebooted my pc and now, I cant even open google chrome, I dont know why. When I...
  20. P

    CPU Temperature Question

    Why does HWMonitor say that my CPU temp is over 100 Celsius most of the time? Here's a screenshot. Am I doing something wrong or is there anything I can do to fix it?