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  1. thomasst

    [SOLVED] Movement keys stuttering while gaming

    Hello, since recently I have a problem that arises only while gaming: when I press a movement key like W, S or the like, the movement stutters as if I were repeatedly tapping the key instead of holding it down pressed. Interestingly, if I press two movement keys at once, W and A for instance...
  2. BlockCabin

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 UI selector constantly moving

    My pc has had this issue for some time now, but its been mostly bearable. Its gotten really bad lately, so I need to fix it. Everything regarding Windows UI (start menu, settings, calculator) has the selector (like the thing that shows up when you use the arrow keys to select stuff) constantly...
  3. D

    Question Point to Point in movement

    Would it be possible to have a moving P2P connection? I have an Engenius EnstationAC installed in a location and want to know if it'd be possible to install the other end on the roof of a moving vehicle. There will be a clear line of sight throughout the whole drive. Its a relative short trip of...
  4. F

    Building a new Pc

    Im looking to upgrade from my Pc im currently selling. Curent specs are: CPU - I5 3570k 4.4Ghz Oc CPU Cooler - Noctua NH-D14 GPU - Msi GTX 670 PE Motherboard - AsRock z77 extreme 4 Power - Silverstone 600 watt Memory - Gskill sniper 2x4gb Monitor - 2x 1080p monitors I am selling this rig to a...
  5. QuadRings

    Final Build Advice?

    Hello. I've been putting a Steam Box together, and I need to know if it'll perform. It'll be plugged into a 1080p TV, and will need to play things like SPiNTiRES and Cry Engine games at at least high quality. Noise is no issue, and I am going for Negative Pressure. Thanks for any help...