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  1. A

    Question Amd to Intel- Help with moving

    I need to upgrade my 3700x/B450 combo to 13900K/B760. The PROBLEM is that I've got +300 games installed and +200 programs, 50% of which are essential for my work and have config files/templates/presets which would take months to track, something that I don't have. Reinstalling all the games and...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Sweaty hands while handling pc

    While moving my new pc, my hands kind of got sweaty, not dripping sweat sweaty just moist to the touch. I didn't check for any sweat deposits or anything I just turned it on and there was no problem, it has been 7 hours and it's still working, I'm just asking this question since I remembered a...
  3. chumpy_

    [SOLVED] Moving Boot hdd from old pc into new PC

    So im going to be getting a new PC soon and i was wondering what i have to do before taking the boot hdd from my old pc out (its the only hdd that is in the system) and putting it into a pc that already has a boot ssd.
  4. Stortebecker

    [SOLVED] how can i move my pc components to another country?

    So Im gonna move in a week to Spain and i have a big problem(at least to me). I dont know how can i do to take my Pc components. The components i want to take with me are Ryzen 7 1700, Gtx 1050 dual, 2 8gb ram memory, my psu, Msi krait gaming, a ssd, a hard disk and a optix mag241c. Idk how to...
  5. Stortebecker

    [SOLVED] Moving my pc to another country

    Hello. Im going to move to Spain due my studies, i want to take my pc with me, since ive saved and spent a lot on it. Im questioning if its possible to take all, or at least most of it, with me. since the voltage here is 110v 60hz and in spain the voltage is 230v 50hz so i dont know if taking...