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  1. Sumsar07

    Question How do i move a drive with windows already installed on it, to a new pc?

    I have an SSD with windows installed on it, and i got a new mo-bo, cpu and new ram. I cant bother downloading windows from scratch again, because i have files on it. Is there a way that i can move that ssd with the OS on, and still keep my data? Or even better if i can do it without having to...
  2. JunkSniperJoe

    [SOLVED] Best way to switch Steam games between pc's?

    I'm planning on moving my Steam games over from one pc to another. Based on what I've seen online, I have 3 options: 1.) Re-download games. Problem is that re-downloading games will take a while. 2.) Use Steam's backup tool as seen here. I'm unsure if it's safe do this on an external hard...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] External hard drive for moving files and storage, SSD or HDD?

    So I'm planning to move some big folders from an old computer over to a new one. Mostly video and audio files + project folders and some documents and so on. As an example one folder is 146 GB. For the task I plan to get an external hard drive, and I figured that I could use it to store the...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] Moving files from one internal drive to another one

    My friend is going reinstall windows on his c drive because he is upgrading his CPU an motherboard. The problem is that he has foto's, video's and documents on that drive that he doesn't want to lose. Now the question is how can he move all those files to his d drive? Can he just copy paste the...
  5. S

    Pc begins to stutter or just lags when too much is going on in a game.

    So as of recently my pc overheated and the gpu broke. I have now got a new gpu which is a gtx 1060 which works fine and is not the problem as i have tried another working graphics card and the problem persist. It only started after my gpu broke aswell. It happens at the start of games like csgo...