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  1. S

    Help me with this problem

    How can i solve this problem?
  2. N

    New cpu overheating

    I bought a new cpu to replace my LGA 1155 i3-2120 old cpu with an LGA 1155 i5-3450 that I was VERY excited for. After installing the new one the CPU overheated immediately after every bootup. I re-installed it at least 9 times making sure I just hadn't installed it wrong. I checked and made sure...
  3. H

    lap top turns on and shuts off after 3 seconds.

    I have a M6300 Dell. An old laptop that was working fine. Yesterday I decided to to have a routine service.I dissembled it in order to replace the thermal paste on both CPU and GPU processors. After I cleaned the fans,cleaned the surface of both chips, I put a good thermal paste and put it back...
  4. Z

    asus h87 doesnt show anything on the scrre after placing i 4790

    hello i have a problem i have Asus H87 plus and i placed my i7 4790 .. the pc turn on but doesnt show anything on the screen i tried many things but still nothing should i update the bios ?
  5. M

    Dell Optiplex 780 not power on

    My Dell Optiplex 780 mini tower works fine yesterday. But today it's not opening. When switch the power button I hear the processor fan rotation sound but no display to monitor screen and no power to keyboard or mouse.
  6. DayQuil_Man

    Fan setup help

    I need some help. I'm planning on a build and need help with the fan adjustments. My case will have a total of 8 fans. 1x Rear Exhaust, 2x Top Exhaust, 2x Front Intake, 1x Bottom Intake, 2x For CPU Cooler. The Motherboard i will be planning to use only has 5 fan headers. My question is, what is...
  7. xswaz zawsx

    Looking for Amps to make my music loud without sacrificing the audio quality.

    Recently I've bought Sennheiser HD439 headphones.I am satisfied with my purchase as these Cans delivers great sound.The only problem is that the HD439 delivers low volume with my devices eg my cellphone(which is a nokia lumia) and my PC.I want your opinion on whether I should buy a sound card...
  8. N

    Is there such thing as a DVI to HDMI adapter that does 1440p

    I bought a new monitor that only has DP and HDMI ports, but my graphics card can only output this resolution through its DVI ports. So the only way i can possibly get this monitor to work is if i can find a decent adapter. Do any of you guys have any experience with DVI to HDMI adapters? I also...
  9. O

    Unidentified Network - No Network access after a win10 update

    So i got this automatic update on my pc yesterday that once it finished completely killed my internet on my PC. I tried restarting my router/modem and unplugging the power cord but that did nothing. I've even tried putting in a static ip address. there seems to be no hope. And its just my pc...
  10. RadiKing222

    Xbox 360 external hard drive

    Hello! (I didn't really know where to put this thread so I finally posted it in systems) I have xbox 360 slim with 4GB, but 4GB is way too little so I want to add an external hard drive but the xbox 360 hard drives - 250gb and 320gb are too expensive in my country and I was wondering can I use...
  11. N

    2 devices in one monitor

    Hey, I have a pg278q monitor and I currently have my pc plugged into it via displayport. I also have an Xbox one in my living room; I game on both a lot. I want to move the xbox one into my computer room and run them both off of the same monitor. My original idea was to use an hdmi splitter...
  12. TerabyteTech

    Corsair AF140s On A Radiator?

    Hi, In December I am upgrading my system's case to a CaseLabs SMA8 and adding a custom water cooling loop. The loop contains two rads, a 480 and a 560, and has a red/black color scheme. I would like to use SP120s (non LED) for the 480, and AF140s for the 560. Would the AF140s, alongside the...
  13. J

    A long and ongoing Asus Anti-Surge issue. Please help me out urgently!!

    Hi Guys, I really need some help on what I should do next as I have been have ongoing Anti-Power Surge issues due to unstable power supply error which keeps shutting my computer down when playing games on my recently rebuilt rig. My current rig specs are: CPU: i4560K(brand new) GPU: Sapphire R9...
  14. A

    help choosing laptop components

    Hello I have a Packard bell easynote ts11hr laptop. A few weeks ago my laptop started making clicking noises and after a restart wouldn't boot up. The laptop couldn't "find the drive". I've been thinking about installing a SSD instead of a typical drive along with an external HDD. I won't...
  15. P

    Best Z97 Motherboard with SLI compatibility + Full Case

    Hi! So, building a new PC... Specs will be I5 4690K with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO MSI Gtx 970 4GB 8GB G.Skill RipJaw Now, I am looking for a nice motherboard that could possibly support SLI 970s in the future and a nice Full tower case, not too expensive. :) As for the case, I haven't...
  16. M

    Best 5760x1080 monitors that's under $150 USD each.

    Hi guys, was looking for a good budget 1080p monitor that I can play at a decent manner in playing FPS games. e.g. BF4, CS:GO I was leaning on getting three benq xl2420t but I think it's really out of my budget. I just want a monitor that has a decent response time and frequency.
  17. P

    Why is BIOS Not Recognizing IDE drive

    My goal was to replace a friend's old SATA boot drive in in his Dell 9150/XPS 400 with another friend's old XP IDE boot drive. I removed the SATA drive from the Dell and sequentially connected the IDE drive to each of the devices listed below. I then connected those assemblies to the Dell PC...
  18. C

    No sound with fresh install of Win 7 Pro 64 bit

    Help!! External speakers work with Win XP but not Win 7 Pro 64 Bit on my desktop PC. Using latest Realtek drivers. Unfortunately disabling front jack detection had no affect. I also tried changing "device advanced settings", no help, changed them back. OS "sound manager" and Realtek sound...
  19. C

    Is this a good power supply?

    I purchased a computer from cyberpowerpc, and the power supply i have chosen is a standard 80 plus certified power supply-600 watts. Is this a good power supply? According to cyberpower, my system needs 500 watts and i have chosen 600 watts. Is this power supply good for future GPU/CPU upgrades...