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  1. Logues

    Question Bios doesn't recognize ssd m.2

    First, sorry for my bad English. I bought the SSD Corsair MP510 . But my motherboard Biostar B350GT3 Ver. 6.1 does not recognize the SDD and also does not appear in the BIOS. Could it be a mismatch issue?
  2. H

    [SOLVED] Corsair mp510. Sequential read speed SLOW.

    I have the Corsair MP510 960gb install on my hp laptop as the boot drive. It took a lot of thought and planning to manage to clone the original sata m.2 boot drive to it when the laptop only has one m.2 slot but I finally did it. Anyway, after about a week of having the drive installed I decided...
  3. Naipross

    [SOLVED] m.2 sata or nvme?

    Going to get a msi b450 pro-vdh plus mobo and a m.2 ssd with it so I'm wondering what would work. is says it's a sata from my understanding but it also only has a key m so what would happen if I used a corsair mp510 and what would happen if I used a WD blue 3d nand? also whats the difference...
  4. CyberspaceKitten

    Question NVMe m.2 cooling

    Hello all I am planning a new build and the z390 motherboard has two m.2 M key slots; I am planning to buy two corsair m.2 NVMe drives. However, on the board, one of the m.2 slots has a heatsink above it for cooling, regardless of if its even a 0.1-degree difference i would like to know which...