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  1. R

    Question m.2/ nvme/ PCIE lanes advice for storage setup.

    Hi, Due to a deficiency in storage I am currently contemplating upgrading e.g. my CPU/motherboard or come to terms with the limitation and buy larger storage. I run a: Asrock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4 Ryzen 5 3600 32GB DDR4 3200 SLOT STATUS NOTES M2_1 Ultra PCIe Gen3 x4 Empty Shares lanes...
  2. Xwolfgangx

    Question Can I use a MSATA port as cache for my HDD's

    I currently have two Samsung 860 SATA 256GB SSDs, (one with MY OS only and one for Call of Duty lol) and a 2TB Hard Disk with all my other games and movies. I have an I7-3770k and a Gigabyte GA-Z77P-D3, which has an MSATA port attached. My question is, could I buy a 16 or 32GB MSATA card and use...
  3. IRollingStonesI

    Question How to determine my motherborad has a msata slot or not

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying a mSATA ssd i have a MSI z97 pc mate mother board with SATAIII SSD installed. I checked the technical specifications of the motherboard via MSİ official product site at there is nothing about mSATA port or support...
  4. M

    Question Chip IDs of Samsung 860 EVO mSATA 1TB ?

    Does anyone of you have the Samsung 860 EVO mSATA 1TB bought from Samsung more or less directly (rather than from eBay or dubious resellers)? If so, I'd be grateful to you if you could post the relevant parts of the S.M.A.R.T. information (e.g., parts output via smartctl) showing the chipset...
  5. S

    Question msata adapters for older laptop?

    Is there some adapter that can convert one of the mini pcie port in a dv7-1270us to a msata port? The ports work with a mini pci-e to USB adapter and i can plug a USB flash drive and it works, but it doesn't work with a msata pci card the card just heats up. the msata card works in my msata to...
  6. B

    Question Is msata ssd plus an hdd worth it?

    I have a laptop which has a 256 gb ssd on it and it has a free msata slot. I was wondering if it is worth it to replace the SSD with an HDD and add an msata ssd? And would it make the laptop slower?
  7. Lil’bertz

    [SOLVED] Mini PCIe Wifi Card to PCIe 2.0 x1 adapter

    Will this work or fast? i want keep my wifi card of my laptop because it served me well
  8. M

    Question mSATA with sata 3 adapter am3 motherboard

    Hello everyone , I have a emachine small form factor pc I've been upgrading . As of right now these are the specs : AMD Athlon ii x2 220 CPU 16 GB DDR3 Kit ( 8x2 ) Emachine Motherboard Model - EL1352 K10 Bridge R7 350X GPU Generic PSU ( If it makes a difference i'll be putting a 500w evga...
  9. Mo.R

    Question Can i tape Msata down?

    Hi, I have a lenovo c40-30 AIO which has a Msata port connecting a dvd player. I want to use that to connect a Msata for my OS. I don't have an enclosure and screws on the computer to hold it in place and i was wondering if I could tape it down. Would that be a bad idea? Thanks
  10. HeavenIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Question What are the Silicon Motion (2246) based mSATA SSDs?

    Looking for high capacity (960GB and 1TB) mSATA SSDs that are based on Silicon Motion SMI2246 controller. I can find small capacities but mainly looking for larger ones. I saw 1 name TriColorDogfish or TCDogfish (!!) SSD but not sure how that is. Any advice highly appreciated
  11. B

    SSD Doesn't Appear in BIOS Boot Menu

    I recently had all of my computer components moved into a new case, with more room for future upgrades. In the process I also installed some liquid cooling tubes for the cpu, and added 32 GB of ram since everything was being moved around. Everything was working just fine with no issues...
  12. D

    How to appropriately connect risers to motherboard?

    So I have MSI gaming carbon pro ac Z370 motherboard. Here are the specifications. Here is the picture of the motherboard. I dont know the terminology so i will just try to explain my question. I see I have 3 "big" slots for graphic cards and 3 "little" which are the default ones for the...
  13. P

    Asus laptop battery not charging

    My asus laptop is not charging anymore. The adapter works fine but the power doesn't go through the laptop to charge the battery. It works on battery just fine but not with the power cord as it use to, maybe a blown fuse or something? I think its the difference in power voltage that caused...
  14. Daan32

    Icon's are wierd after creators update

    Hello, I just installed the windows 10 creators update but now the icons on the bottom row moved a little bit up (so they are not on the taskbar anymore). Before the update this wasn't there, but now it is. I didn't buy a new monitor neither did I change anything in the settings. Thanks in...
  15. Potato825

    Hyper 212 EVO vs Hyper 212 LED

    I want to know if the Hyper 212 LED is literally the same exact cooler as the 212 EVO, but with LEDs. DO they have the same performance?
  16. Y

    how can i know if it can fit it

    This is specs ---> How can i know the MSI GTX 1050 Ti 4GB OC GDDR5 graphic card would clearly fit in to my computer? cause im buying it through amazon...
  17. P

    No signal when booting, all fans and LEDS work fine.

    Hold power button, everything runs fine (all fans and lights), no signal. I've checked all the connections and they're fine. Dead GPU? I heard someone say dead CPU and my heart stopped, but I'm sure it's not as my pc can just run forever fine, just has no display (from what I've seen a dead CPU...
  18. C

    Upgrade Skylake i3 to Ivy/Sandy Bridge i7?

    Would it be worth it to upgrade from a skylake i3 to a ivy/sandy bridge i7? Assuming that i sell the i3 and mobo for the same price as the ivy/sandy bridge i7 + mobo i bought would it be worth it? The i7 for sandy and ivy bridge are older, but the i7 cpu varients is faster. im thinking about...
  19. O

    Dram frequency 50% lower than expected

    Guys i need help in bios says that dram frquency is at 2133 mhz but in Cpu-z shows 1066mhz what should i do? My mobo is H110m ds2 rev1.0 (gigabyte) and my ram is a HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4-2133MHz (HX421C14FB/8) single channel
  20. Q

    How would I import photos and videos on my Acer laptop from a usb

    I have a camera that has a n as adapter that connects to a USB. I want to import the film to my Acer laptop and use Windows move maker to edit film and post on YouTube. I also would love full access to my photos to change profile pictures, use thumbnails and more. When I plug in my USB the pc...