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  1. ap70

    Question MSI RTX3070 LOUD VIBE

    This card gets a weird off rotation vibration. Does anyone has a loud but not "normal loud" card like mine? MSI support is useless.
  2. DefiantCliffers

    Question New build won’t boot stuck, in press f2 or delete to enter bios

    So I just assembled a new PC today and cannot for the life of me figure out what’s going on. Half the time it get stuck at the “press del to enter bios” screen and it won’t do anything. The other half of the time when I boot it tells me no display port found and the monitor turns off. MoBo...
  3. R

    Question System GPU causing crash under heavy load in a variety of games (cyberpunk 2077)

    Have the current drivers from nvidia (460.79) yet new PC build with RTX 3070 is crashing on heavily load. Has only crashed once when playing rocket league for over 20 hours and didn't crash on Red Dead 2. However on cyberpunk and on need for speed: heat I'm getting frequent crashes. Here's what...