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  1. C

    Question No video, no bios, no post, mobo has power, fans work, power led off, hdd blinks once after forced shutdown ?

    Motherboard: MSI 970 Gaming CPU: AMD-FX8350 GPU: Gigabyte 1060 GTX Psu: Tacens Valeo V 700W Plus silver Hello, my computer was forced shutdown and i know that do it is not good for the PC but i didn't expect that the computer will not work after that TT😱😑😔 When i power on the computer it...
  2. Oakspirit

    [SOLVED] Memory Issue Causing Crashes

    Previously I was having an issue where only 4GB of ram was showing up in windows. I fixed this by swapping the ram from slot 2 and 4 to slot 1 and 3 on my motherboard. This did not, however, fix the common crashes that I have when loading up games or even just youtube videos. My computer will...
  3. Zee Tech

    [SOLVED] will my (possible) new gpu work with my system

    Im looking at buying a new msi mech RX 5500 XT 8GB and want to know if it will work in my system witha MSI 970 gaming motherbord (PCIe 2.0) and if you think hit will only suffer what would you recommend for $200-300? system specs: FX 8370 black MSI 970 gaming hyper 212 rgb coolermaster elite...
  4. mranimo

    [SOLVED] I want to upgrade my CPU cooler.

    I have an FX-8350 cpu with a TX3 EVO cooler. I want to upgrade it. The MA410M TUF would be an improvement for my temps? I have an MSI 970 gaming motherboard. It would fit in it? And do I have to replace the pre-installed backplate on the motherboard for the cooler to fit?
  5. K

    Question PC Reboots when playing certain games

    Hey everyone. Brand new at this, but I'm kind of desperate for solutions. I bought my PC (custom built) back in 2015, and since then I've played tons of games with zero issues. However, during the past year or so I've been running into the problem where I play a game (that I used to play for...
  6. Greason

    Question Cooling with deep cool tesseract. Need help please!

    I've recently upgraded my budget build to a better budget build. I added an 8g gpu (xfx Rx 570) with a 750w power supply. I also have an AMD 8350 4.0 GHz 8core on an MSI 970 gaming motherboard. I noticed my cpu was getting up there in temp so I added a Corsair H70 liquid cooling unit. The...
  7. Linkrocks250

    Question MSI GTX 970 not detected by display

    So I just built a PC for my sister using parts left over from my last upgrade as well as some new parts and a GPU from craigslist. It has an MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard, 16 GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance RAM, and AMD FX-8320 CPU from my previous build so I'm almost certain they all work (unless...
  8. D

    Is This Pc Worth It

    How Will This Pc Perform... This Pc is around $700 Ryzen 5 2400g MSI b450m Gaming Plus 16Gb Corsair Vengeance Pro Rgb 3200mhz 16cl cooler master mwe 550w Corsair Carbide 275r ADATA 256 m.2 a grpachics card (rx 580 8gb) will be added later this year
  9. C

    (URGENT) Totally locked out folder (Malware)

    I have a folder in AppData\Local folder named "reitskb" and I know it's part of a RAT-Based Cryptocurrency Miner that appears in my task manager as "Windows Process Manager (32 bit)" but when I attempt to delete it, I get an Access Denied error, and the Security tab of properties says I'm the...
  10. S

    There's no option to "Format as internal storage" in my phone.. I need to do it for several reasons

    As the title says, I can't find the option to Format as Internal Storage the sd card in my phone. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime and I need to do it because I wana download large apps on my phone the 1 gb plus apps, reason is I have 8gb internal storage and like its already filled up with...
  11. J

    Ryzen CPU, nVidia GPU games crash

    Hi! So I recently built a new PC but for some reason my games keep crashing, I can at most get a few minutes in game (best case) before it crashes and sometimes the game won't even launch (worst case). I've scrutinized the error messages I got (if any) and it seems to be related to Direct X /...
  12. M

    "Powershell stopped working" whenever running the program

    Recently my start menu hasn't been working at all, so I was told to open powershell and run a certain command, however when opening powershell it always crashes. it just gives me this text: Any solutions to either the start menu issue or the powershell crash...
  13. P

    Monitor won't receive signal -- I think it's the PSU

    So I built my new PC and might have accidentally pushed the plug for the PSU to hard, and now if you position it the wrong way or basically even touch the plug (the part going in the PC, not the wall) the PC shuts off. But, if you plug it in right and turn the PC on, it lights up and the fans...
  14. M

    PC shut randomly off please help

    Hello, so a year ago i build my own pc with the parts (GTX 760 4GB OC | I5-2400 3.10Ghz | 16Gb fury kingston ram | Asrock ekstreme 4 motherboard | 2x 970gb HDD | Cooler master G650M PSU. Everything worked great! Until lately, i've had the issue that my pc has begun to shut off by it self while...
  15. H

    So after a long time I settled to this build. Is everything good?

    So after a week of finding compatible parts I made this build ( This is my very first one : P. Will everything fit in its spot? Also will this run games on ultra ( mostly Ultra ) like : GTA 5, Minecraft, Planetside 2, Starwars: Battlefront, and other games like...
  16. S

    raid 10 hdd + ssd?

    RAID 10 2 SSD and 2 HDD? Can it work? How? What will I gain and lose? 2x 500GB HDD: 2x 480GB SSD...