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  1. V

    [SOLVED] Which BIOS version MSI B350 Tomahawk for Ryzen 7 3700x

    I have a MSI b350 tomahawk with a Ryzen 3 1200. I want to upgrade the cpu to Ryzen 7 3700x. I understand that I need to update my BIOS for my new cpu, but have no idea which BIOS update to choose. I've tried doing my own research, but I can't find the correct information, since this is all new...
  2. somesh101

    [SOLVED] speaker and mic using single audio jack

    Hi, I have MSI tomahawk b350 paired with ryzen 1600 in Deepcool matrexx 55 case. I am unable to use the speaker and mic of my headphone using a single jack. I am able to do this on my laptop. They both work individually but not together i.e. I get audio out from speaker jack and mic with...
  3. S

    Question System dosent boot after 12 hour unpluged

    Hi This is my fist question in this fourm and sry about mistakes and i use google transle. My problem started when I changed the cpu. If the system is unplugged for 12 hours, the system will not post beep sound no fan spin again. But if I conect the green wire and the black pin of the 24 pin...
  4. K

    Question Motherboard might be fried

    Hello guys, I recently assembled a computer using the INWIN 101, and upon bootup using the breadboard method, the computer worked just fine. Getting it into the case, it still justified its functionality through another test startup, this time with the parts in the case. One thing to be aware of...
  5. A

    Can't find my answer and new to building pc's

    Can you by any chance start up your PC without ram and storage and just the cpu? Or will that mess the system up.