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  1. okjak808

    [SOLVED] R5 5600x on a B450 board?

    Hello everyone on Tomshardware forums! So currently I’m trying to upgrade my CPU from an Ryzen 5 2600 to Ryzen 5 5600x as it’s not working well with my RTX 3070 TI. some said that it should work by updating your bios that is a beta firmware to support higher Ryzen gen cpus in which I did...
  2. T

    Build Advice Build problem, no display output, compatibility or software issue?

    In the last week I've been helping my friend build his first gaming pc. To start off, here are the specs: Case: nzxt h210 PSU: Corsair 80+ gold modular 650w Mobo: Msi B450i gaming plus ac (b450 in mini-itx form factor) CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (Research later showed this cpu doesn't support RAM...