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    Question motherboard overheating cpu

    sometime ago i must of gotten a surge and my windows 10 wouldnt boot on my ssd. Then i made a new installation on a hdd and the ssd still works i can still access the files on my new windows 10 install. Fast forward like a month later it started losing power when i played a game and found...
  2. anthony.ibrahim.deo

    [SOLVED] Do RTX 2060 cards support a G1 Sniper 3 Z77 motherboard ??

    I was wondering if the new released RTX 2060 cards can work on my a bit old G1 Sniper 3 Z77 mobo My Rig: >>CPU: I7-2600k >>Ram: 2x4 corsair Vengeance DDR 3 Ram >>Monitor : Samsung S23B300 >> Mobo: G1 Sniper 3 z77 If it does support this Rig will it be Bottlenecked ?? And what can be a...