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  1. Skydaz

    Question intel i7 5700hq Gaming at max temp of 90 c

    Laptop : msi ge62 2qf apache pro (used laptop) i7 5700hq 16gb ddr3 ram gtx 970m 3gb ddr5 vram 1TB hdd from toshiba canvio external hard disk so i bought this used laptop, is it normal when the temperature hit 90 celcius while gaming ? But i also notice that the temperature will not go above...
  2. V

    Question BSOD after installing new SSD

    So I recently installed the Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 into my MSI ge62vr. All was going well, I transfered my existing data/os onto a new partition on my hard drive, swapped the ssd that came with the laptop and transfered the data back. I booted it from the new ssd and got bsod with the error...
  3. J

    Does RAID 6 need hot swap drives?

    My question is this: If you install a RAID controller card and are going to run RAID6 do you need the drives to be hooked to a backplane or to be hot swap capable or can the entire unit be shut down to make the replacement of the failed drive?