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  1. MValles02

    Question RTX 3060 Laptop // Weird clock speeds

    I recently bought a MSI GF65, I5 10500H and RTX 3060. I started monitoring my games with MSI Afterburner and I noticed that the GPU is acting weird. It goes from 1402mhz to 420mhz all the time, even in standby while I am not gaming. Games works fine, but it is strange. Picture of MSI...
  2. O

    Question MSI Laptop Studdering and Crashing

    I have purchased a MSI gf65 thin about 6 months back and it worked fin for around a month then all of a sudden it became really studdery and laggy under normal use, like trying to scole on a page would freeze everything up and then a few seconds later it would unfreeze and be back to normal. Or...