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  1. P

    Question My BIOS and system is not registering half of the RAM sticks

    I have a MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE AC Motherboard, and two Corsair Vengeance 16gb RAM sticks (CMK16GX4M2C3000C16). I have checked to make sure it's compatible and that the motherboard can support upwards of 128gb of RAM. Both lights next to the RAM stick slots are lit and shown in BIOS as being in...
  2. WinstonChurchill

    Question PC turns on but displays blank screen ?

    I turned on my PC a few days ago and nothing would come up on any of the monitors, the keyboard and mouse don't light up/turn on, and I can't even enter the BIOS menu. All lights and fans turn on, the HDD spins up too, but nothing comes on screen. The EZ Debug LED's show a constant light on the...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] New build - incomprehensible problem. Help!

    Please help me with this completely incomprehensible problem. I’ve been at this for two weeks now, and I am at the end of my rope. This is not my first build. Win10 installs, goes through “setting up devices”, then “Getting Ready”, then it restarts, the splash screen refreshes three times, and...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] PSU passes paper clip test but does not turned on plugged into pc.

    I just installed the MPG z390 edge ac mother board and an i7-9700k cpu and my gtx 1080 ti. my psu is the cx750m and it passes the paper clip test but when plugged into my pc it does not turn on at all, no fans spin, no lights, nothing. everything seemed to be plugged in correctly and i even...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Which of these 3 motherboards should I pick for my new PC Build?

    Hello. I have already found the rest PC parts except from the motherboard. I was thinking to buy MSI Mag Z390 Tomahawk (148 euro) or MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon (178 euro) or MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC (178 euro) . They are quite similar but the Gaming Pro Carbon and Gaming Edge are 30...