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  1. isanuserthatisinneed

    Question DisplayPorts not working on my evga xc 3050 ?

    My 3 display port outs on my evga xc 3050 will not output to my msi optix g271, just yesterday it worked but after upgrading (case, tower cooler, psu) it will only output from the hdmi port. THINGS I"VE TRIED, hdmiport works on the monitor, manual detect win 10, new drivers, unplug each for 2...
  2. R

    Question Monitor sometimes shows a vertical line

    Hello, around 4 days ago my MSI Optix G271 monitor started to show a vertical line right around the center of the screen. But its not a fixed line, its sometimes there, and sometimes isnt, and when it is, its flikering for a few seconds and then goes away again. I'm running Windows 10 latest...