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    Question Need Help!! Msi b450m Tomahawk Max II, doesnt work with 4 sata devices

    Yesterday i was sorting my awful cable management on my pc when i saw, a stuck sata cable, after some time and some careful work with my hands, i managed to take it out, but when i plugged my optical drive in into that slot, it didnt show up anymore. Fering i did to much strength and possibly...
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    Question Which motherboard shall I chose to buy?

    Hello guys. So I want to build a Ryzen system and I was looking for the motherboards. I can't spend lot of money on the motherboards so I did my research and I have to make choice between 3 motherboards. Gigabyte a520m Aorus Elite - 85$ Gigabyte b450 Aorus M - 95$ Third option is the combo -...
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    [SOLVED] 500gb M.2 for games and 240gb SSD for OS

    On my current system I have a 240gb SSD 2,5" for the OS and 1tb HDD for games and everything else. Right now im thinking about getting a new SSD just for the games, since playing directly from the HDD makes my PC sound like it's going to fly off. I was thinking of getting a M.2 format for this...
  4. carson_e

    [SOLVED] On a budget, what is the best RAM to use with the Ryzen 5 1600 af?

    Basically what the title says. Using an MSI Tomahawk Pro. I have heard multiple things but I can't seem to find anything consistent, so I came here to find a definite answer. Thanks ahead of time!
  5. [SOLVED] Hexagonal standoff screw for CPU cooler stuck in motherboard

    The hexagonal standoff screw I encircled below is stuck in my motherboard (Tomahawk b450). When I try to turn the screw with a screwdriver it just keeps turning, no matter what direction I try to turn. Here's the screw: The backplate looks like this: How do I get this screw out of my...
  6. iceystreet

    [SOLVED] MSI 450 Tomahawk max bios - Cant see anything but M2 HDD

    I just built my new rig Phanteks Eclipse P350X PH-EC350PTG_DBK Black Steel / Tempered Glass Compact E-ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case XFX RX 5700 XT Thicc III 8GB GDDR6 3xDP HDMI PCI-Express 4.0 Graphics Card RX-57XT8TFD8 VR Ready, Ultra HD CORSAIR CX-M Series CX550M 550W 80 PLUS BRONZE Haswell...
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    hello everyone . my new build will be Ryzen 5 3600,rtx 2060,16gb ram,500gb ssd, 2tb hdd but i dont know which motherboard to get . should i get the msi b450 tomahawk max or the gigabyte aorus b450 pro . and should i get 500w from bequiet and will that be enough .
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    [SOLVED] Difference between b450 tomahawk and tomahawk max?

    I'm planning to build a system with new Ryzen 5 3600X. For that purpose i was looking for a B450 motherboard which comes with out of the box support for new Ryzen 3000 series cpus. I came across this MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX which comes with a BIOS that supports Ryzen 3600 cpus out of the box...
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    Hi All, MY new PC Build was working fine for 2 days without issues. I tried starting it the third day but it wont boot. MB shows red LED next to CPU and MB rgb goes white in colour. So, I Reinstalled CMOS battery , RAM on another slot, etc and PC boots back to normal. Now no CPU led and MB rgb...
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    Question Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Series 16GB 3000Mhz compatibility check

    I'm planning to use a Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Series 16GB 3000Mhz stick on MSI tomahawk B450 motherboard along with Ryzen 5 3600 processor . The exact RAM model is CMW16GX4M1D3000C16. My question is is this ram compatible with MSI tomahawk B450 motherboard ?