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  1. MaheshMP

    Question Issues with Gigabyte B550 Arous Master

    This is regarding Gigabyte B550 Arous Master motherboard I read lot of buyers reviews of this board with non powering issue and then they had to remove CMOS battery for some time and again install it so that CPU can power on. Is non powering board is really known issue with this board may be...
  2. S

    Question [SOLVED!] Z490i MSI Unity BIOS and Reset issues

    My motherboard boots fine to windows, but the MSI splash logo along with the instructions (DEL / F2 to enter bios blah blah) doesn't appear and instead skips to Windows. I also have tried to reset Windows completely, but it just creates a blank screen. No display at all. I desperately want to...
  3. S

    Question MSI X570 Unify M.2_3 slot SSD not showing up in bios

    Hi, I have the X570 Unify Setup as follow: 3700x 2070S 1 x pci-e 4 2080 m.2 ssd on the M.2_1 1 x pci-e 4 2080 m.2 ssd on the M.2_3 (I skipped a slot cause I thought it would cool better) the bios only detects the first SSD but not the second, Am I out of lanes? Should I move the 2nd SSD to...
  4. R

    Question Help with memory selection for New 3900x build

    I am putting together a new build: Ryzen 3900x cpu MSI x570 Unify ATX Motherboard MSI 2060 Ventus OC Noctua NH-C14s cooler Corsair SF600 power supply Corsair MP600 NVME PCI-E 4.0 1TB boot drive Sabrent (or other) NVME 3.0 2TB storage Cerberus X case DAILY USE: CAD, 3d rendering...