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  1. awesome_dood_123

    Question Manually overclocking DDR5 RAM on an MSI Z690-A motherboard ?

    I have an i9-12900k and Intel says it supports up to 4800 mt/s DDR5 memory with this CPU. In my ignorance at the time of building my PC, I tried to enable XMP and use my (4) 5600 mt/s rated DDR5 sticks with this CPU and fell into a mini boot-loop. After struggling for days, I decided to just use...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Can someone point me to safe OC settings for my i7-12700k so I don't fry it ?

    Hi, i finished me pc upgrade and now i am looking for an OC guide. I found one 5min video on Youtube but he is using 1.425v and a lot of users in the comments are saying this is an extremely high number and there is a risk that the cpu can be damaged. Specs: i7-12700k MSI Z-690A Pro DDR4 4x8GB...