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  1. zedanjouny

    Question where is bios chip msi z390 a pro

    Hello, I was updating my bios chip and my computer froze and now I can't do anything so I bought a programmer from amazon with a clip so I don't have to take the chip off, but I can't seem to find the bios chip could anyone please help(msi z390-a pro), the reason why I did it was because I was...
  2. B

    Question Pc won't boot after bios update

    Just updated the bios for the MSI z390 Pro Gaming Carbon to 7B17v1B. Now when I try to turn on my pc it will flash on for a split second then turn off. PC specs: Motherboard: MSI z390 pro gaming carbon Cpu: 9900k Gpu: zotac rtx 2080 amp! Ram: Gskill Trident Z 3200mhz 32GB Any recommendations on...
  3. dkrot

    [SOLVED] Windows installer doesn't see nvme drive

    I just bought my first NVME - Samsung evo 970 and MSI Z390-A PRO. Windows installer doesn't see it. I have no other drives. BIOS settings: AHCI, UEFI, Secure Boot. Windows 10_1909 Spent few hours, but still can't make it work. It's present in BIOS, but Windows simply see no media to install...
  4. Trepalium

    [SOLVED] System freezing, weird boot loading

    Upgraded to msi z390 carbon, formated all drives and started from scratch basically. Reinstalled everything, worked perfectly all day. Next day booted up and kept freezing at log in. Decided to update bios and everything worked perfectly...for two days. After going to boot today same issues...
  5. N

    Question Which Mobo to choose from??? MSI z390 TOMAHAWK or MSI MPG z390 gaming plus or GIGABYTE Z390 Gaming X ??

    hi, I am building a budget gaming PC with i5 9600k. So pls help me with the Mobo to choose from out of these MSI z390 TOMAHAWK or MSI MPG z390 gaming plus or GIGABYTE Z390 Gaming X ??
  6. Roger656

    Question I need help ! No signal !

    Hey . I have a new build and i started to have a problem with no signal as soon as i install video drivers . I have i9 9900k , mpg z390 gaming edge ac , 4x8 gb ram , coolermaster ml360r , corsair 1000w 80 plus gold psu . Msi rtx 2080 super gaming x trio. I got to use them for a month and without...
  7. Nikklaus

    Question Start Up Issues

    Ive been trying to fix this for a few days, but I’m at a loss. At this point I can only guess it’s the CPU or something mundane I completely overlooked. Initially my computer crashed and didn’t display, showed a 00 on the motherboard. I went the cheap route and got a new motherboard, after...
  8. H

    Question Can I use 4-way SLI on a 2-way motherboard Go to the details panel to see the SLI info... That is the motherboard I want to buy, and I was wondering if I could use 4-way SLI on the 2-way motherboard