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  1. M

    Question Does newest BIOS update on msi z490 a pro works with intel 10th gen?

    Hi Recently i have updated my BIOS to newest version. I have msi z490 a pro motherboard and intel 10th gen cpu. My Pc doesnt boot, there is no signal from screen and usb ports. Fans are working, from usb ports i can charge my phone. I ve tried to reset cmos, didnt work. White led on...
  2. ahertz

    Question MSI MPG 2490 motherboard wont boot

    Hey guys I built a PC and when it powers on everything run,s the motherboard lights up and my fans run. But the motherboard wont go into BIOS. What could the problem be?
  3. B

    Question Internet Speeds are low

    I just upgraded my setup from a Ryzen 5 2600x to an i7-10700k and with that a new motherboard. I Had the b450 and now have the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Wifi. The only thing that has changed is the motherboard however my internet speeds went from 800+ to 50-70. While that is still not slow I cannot...
  4. O

    [SOLVED] Need help, new build won’t POST, no display ?

    [Question] new build won’t post need help! So I don’t know if this is the correct place to post this, but here goes: I just build my new PC and it won’t post, i don’t hear a beep or anything. Initially the fans spin up then they normalize and just keep running but I don’t get anything on my...
  5. M

    Question CPU and DRAM Debug LEDs Flashing After New Build with MSI Z490 and Corsair Memory

    Hi there, I’m hoping for advice that will point me in the right direction for troubleshooting the problem described below. I’ve read other messages about similar issues but have not been able to solve the problem. I spent the day assembling a new rig based on the MSI Z490 Gaming Plus...
  6. CyborgRiley

    Question New PC Keeps restarting. Pls help

    Hello. Please help. I just built a new PC and it won’t stop restarting. I haven’t installed windows or anything it just restarts over and over when I turn it on. If I take the ram sticks out it turns on but just sits there because it can’t do anything without RAM, but it does stop the...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Do I Need To Update My BIOS?

    I saw a couple of pc building videos and they have mentioned something about updating your BIOS. I've googled it and some people say that you should just update it, another group of people says that if there isn't a fix that you need there is no reason to update it. So I wanted to ask if I...
  8. A

    Question CPU throttling to 800 mhz while running games

    It happened after I updated windows before leaving home. When I got home I uninstalled the updates because I assumed thats what was making my cpu go to 800 mhz. It was working for a while and then the same problem occurred. I recently got new parts which included the 10700 locked processor...