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  1. BlazingAngels

    Question IDG Multi Monitor Meaning

    Hello, I have an MSI Z690 Carbon. The board has a Discrete GPU installed and Integrated Graphics. In the UEFI firmware settings there is an option called IGD Multi-Monitor which has been enabled. For some reason when I have my GPU installed. I have to have my GPU plugged via display port or...
  2. Maati

    Question New build has random system freezing (monitor image freezes too) requiring power button shutoff ?

    Hello, my first time posting so I'm sorry if my formatting is bad. BUILD: I7-13700k (I flashed the BIOS for it to work) 32GB Trident Z5 - DDR5 6000 (Also tried Corsair Vengeance 5000) Gigabyte 4080 (Also tried GTX 1080 ti) MPG Z690 Carbon Wifi (Also tried MPG Z690 EDGE DDR5) 1TB 990 M.2...