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  1. H

    Question Need Help Identifying This GPU Quickly!

    Guys I just got this GPU from a friend and he has no clue which GPU this is. If anyone can help me out by identifying this GPU it would mean alot . P.S If possible, leave a link to download drivers for this specific card. Graphics Card Images...
  2. davidvn0312

    Question MSI Gaming Laptop low performance in games

    About half a year ago, my laptop can play a lot of heavy games like GTA V, Ghost Recon Wildland, Rise of Tomb Raider,... without a lag or fps drop. After sometime, it start to slow down, i thought it was because of things that i download from the internet so i reset the laptop completely. Now i...
  3. Y

    Question VGA Ez Debug Led

    System: Motherboard- MSI B450 Pro Carbon Ram- 2x8 16GB LPX Corsair vengeance GPU- GTX 970 SSC CPU- Ryzen 5 1600 PSU- Aspire 600w I've recently brought a Ryzen 5 1600 to replace my Ryzen 3 2200g CPU and I've been getting the VGA ez debug LED since I switched them and try to boot my system...
  4. P

    Question i9-9900K & Gskill TridentZ RGB 4266 (F4-4266C17Q-32GTZR)

    Hello! First of all, thanks for the time you took to read this message. My name is Peter, I live in Kazakhstan, Almaty (probably you've heard the Borat stuff by Sasha Baron Cohen lol ) I'm kinda new to PC building & was saving money for over a year to build my ultimate gaming rig lol... BUT...
  5. C

    Question Possible mobo short or malfuntioning?

    I just got my PC back from repair for a corrupted windows. I noticed when I got it back that they reseated one of the two 8GB ram sticks I have, next to each other (One 8gb in a red slot and one in the black right next to it) when my b360 gaming plus mobo has dual channel memory slots. I had...
  6. K

    Geforce GT 730 1024MB GDDR5 Troubles

    Hello, I purchased a PNY Geforce GT 730 1024MB GDDR5 graphics card and ran into some trouble installing it. When I put it into my computer and turn it on, the monitor reports no signal in both the default port on the computer and the graphics card port. I am rather new to computer...
  7. U

    No physical memory is available at the location required for the Windows Boot Manager. The system can not continue

    Hey Everyone, I have hp 6305 small form factor. when i go upgrade the hard disk capacity with new one and tried to boot from windows 7 dvd, then I encountered above error message. I did my best but could not start the new installation. please help to solve this issue. Thanks, Upul_1
  8. L

    BEST Build for next gen?

    This is my first build I wanna play all next gen games arma 3 dayz standalone and bf4 atleast. since its my first build I will need a monitor mouse and keyboard. Should I save up and buy the parts at once or buy them when I get money since parts gain and lose value? On the games I've listed I'll...
  9. E

    Reallocated Sectors Count - Should I be Worried?

    Hi, I got a problem with the drives, its showing in Red and Yellow, the program its CrystalDiskInfo. I got some data that might be corrupted from a program recovery, since it takes a long time to access the data, and then it hangs ups. Can I still use these drives? Should I be worried if...
  10. E

    Is this case good?

    It's the vibox tactician blue gaming case. I was wondering if it would be a decent case for gaming with very high end specs. Like the nvidia gtx 780 and i7 4770k oc to 4.4
  11. G

    1.2GHz O'clocking?

    Read the nice article about building a system overclocked from 800 to 1000. I have decided to fork over the $280 to get a 1.2GHz Thunderbird, since it is based on a copper core... seemingly why those 700-900s only want to go to 1050. Tom suggests a 1.2GHz could go to 1.4. Okay, that sounds...
  12. D

    Upgrading my MB, CPU & Video card, Reinstalling/problems with Windows?

    I'm looking at upgrading my computer over the Christmas period when my xmas shopping is done with. I'm currently on an Athlon II 445 and single GTS450... it's not a bad setup but I want something much better. I'm looking at getting an i5-3550k and GTX 580, which should run every game I throw at...
  13. B

    Mis-named HDD

    I installed XP on a new build but foolishly had a multicard reader connected. On completion the HDD wss labeled as Disk "I". The DVD is Drive "D" which would be normal but the individual card readers are assigned as Drives C, E, F, G, and H causing the HDD to move down to I. I don’t want to...
  14. G

    cannot start help and support

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?) hi running xp sp2 been reading your forum on this subjecti have the problem i cannot find help and support in task manager i have the things in the other threads how do i put this task in task manager please help thanks