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  1. Bag_of_Sad_Potatoes

    Question undervolting with msi afterburner made my 1660s to run at max speed even at idle

    i recently switched from amd to nvidia card so im a total noob when it comes to msi afterburner and nvidia coz i got used to amd's adrenaline software and amd wattman settings. i know people have asked this before and some got solved but the solution doesnt seem to match what my problem is, and...
  2. S

    Question MSIAfterburner -Is it safe to transfer MSIAfterburner.cfg to another laptop with a different GPU?

    When backing up MSIAfterburner files, is it a bad idea to transfer your MSIAfterburner.cfg and Profile.cfg files which had previous undervolt settings to a new laptop with a different GPU? Will the undervolt settings not apply because it detects a new GPU? What if this GPU was the same exact...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] Can't change core voltage for RX 580 after installing 3060 ti

    I may be missing something obvious but after installing a new 3060 ti into my system which already has a RX 580, I can no longer change the core voltage of the RX 580 in MSI afterburner. I was able to do it before without the 3060 ti. Is there some compatibility issue? Everything is unlocked in...
  4. DRickraft

    [SOLVED] Can you control the speed of a 2-Pin GPU Fan?

    Increasing the % speed of my 1050 ti fans, doesn't make any noise difference. Is it normal? It only has 2 pins and I used MSI Afterburner. Softwares are not able to recognize any RPM sensor on it.
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Why is my CPU clock flickering from 3600 to 4350Mhz

    I'm sitting idle on a word document and my CPU core clock is jumping up and down from 3600 to 4350. If I use easytune to cap the CPU clock to any other figure it will be consistent, but as soon as I set the figure to 3600 it goes back and forth from 4350. Any reason why? some SS of the cores...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Why is my Nvidia GTX960m not overclocking?

    Hey! I was trying to overclock my GPU with the help of MSI Afterburner but I noticed that the base clock and boost clock were stuck on 405MHz I was not able to move any of the sliders they always for reset and on top of that the software was not reading any temperature from the GPU as if the...
  7. T

    help with threads

    I'm not sure where to ask this but I've posted on here a few times recently so I'll start here. In the past when I log in I've had access to any followed threads aswell as my own threads but I cant see them now or find them and I know it's probably right in front of me but I cant find them any...
  8. B

    Help me Pick a 1440p Monitor

    Hey so I'm looking for a 60hz IPS 1440p monitor to pair with my 1070. Budget won't go over $400, would prefer to keep it under that. I'm torn between 27' and 25'. tried a 28' and it was a little too large for me, maybe a 27' would be the sweet spot. But with 25' you get more pixel density which...