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  1. T

    Question MOBO sometimes multiboots

    Hi all, I've occasionally encountered an issue with my PC where sometimes during start-up it enters into a very rapid multiboot sequence (as in, no display to monitor, all I can hear is the click from the mobo speaker informing me it's started operation, and the fans whirring, then stopping)...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Need to triple boot (8.1, 7 and XP)

    Hi All, I have installed Windows 8.1 (64 bit) and 7 (32 bit) on one drive (SATA) (has 4 partitions). I also have another IDE hard disk (4 partitions as well) connected through a PCI card. My both hard disks are MBR type. I was thinking of installing XP on the IDE drive by adding one more entry...
  3. Hesham Rashwan

    Question How could i make a multiboot USB flash/HDD ?

    How could i make a multiboot USB flash/HDD with windows 7,8.1,10 and DLC boot utility that boot on both GPT and MBR Systems?
  4. D

    Wireless router safety

    Hello, This past day I have been wondering whether my router was completely secure, I haven't experienced anything suspicious at all, I just want to be completely sure. How do I go about checking this? I have already updated my router and also reverted it to it's fabric settings. Is there...
  5. O

    [SOLVED] Input not supported

    Am using this for karaoke.No problem with monitor when connected to old CAVS player.Hooked up to new RSQ player and all is ok except the input not supported screen will not go away.Any help appreciated
  6. dankknightavngr

    What part do I need to replace on my dying tv?

    after 3 years of use my Samsung UE46EH5000 had been very dim and the colors are off with a red-ish tint. Sound works fine only the colors and the very dim display is the issue. Based on my research, the Tcon board needs to be replaced, am i right?
  7. C

    does having gpu fans spinning at high speeds affect its life span?

    ive been looking for a good fan curve for my gtx1080 and i see lots of people talk about how they set it to 20% for 20c, 40% for 40c, so basically a 1:1 ratio. Is this harmful for the card? Ive tried it and it spins REALLY loud. Which kinda worried me. But it did keep the card cool.
  8. TimmyBuildsAComputer

    Pc turns on then off a split second later

    I just upgraded my cpu and now when i try booting my pc all the fans spin up and all the lights turn on ans thrn everything turns off a split second later. I put the cpu in correctly for sure so idk what to do.
  9. B

    PSU 6+2pin GTX 1070 FTW

    My 650W Psu has 6+2pin and 8 pin, will it work in a EVGA GTX 1070 FTW that requieres 2x8pin pci e?
  10. G

    Hard drive detected by the OS but not by the BIOS!

    I run Linux Mint on the old MSI mobo KV8SE De Luxe. I have connected 4 ATA drives and like to add a SATA drive. The SATA is detected by the OS and working. But not by the BIOS! So I cannot boot it. I neither can boot it through GRUB2 from one of the ATA disks. Very strange! Any idea?
  11. L

    USB flash drive

    Need a USB flash drive for Acer Aspire E15 laptop. Can advise where I can get one from? Thanks.
  12. M

    HDMI driving me crazy

    When closing netflix, amazon video or some games my monitor blackscreens for a split second and seems to lose connection to the HDMI before returning to normal after a second or two, due to the frequency that i use these services it's driving me mad and i have no idea what could be causing it
  13. T

    Help! My pc turn on then off then on with 4 beeps

    I had this major problem when i turn my pc on it turns off after that turn on after 1 secconds it do 4 beeps i tried everything switching the rams resetting the BIOS i have hp compaq dc7900
  14. Y

    PC Turns On Only When Holding Down 24 Pin Connector.

    Hi, when I was building my PC 3 weeks ago I noticed that the power buttons didn't work, and when I started pressing down on the 24-pin psu connector it turned on, but when I let go it turned off. I sent my mobo in for an RMA, because at the time I thought it was that, it's arriving today, but...
  15. GL9106

    How do I manage cables with a bad case?

    I have the G11CD case and the interior is kind of like on of those early 2000s and how do I manage the cables in that case?
  16. H

    Latest Update For 'Gears of War 4' Adds New Skills, Difficulty For Horde

    The update also adds competitive Ranked matches to Crossplay and 20 new achievements for you to collect. Latest Update For 'Gears of War 4' Adds New Skills, Difficulty For Horde : Read more
  17. T

    Seagate ST1000DX002 1TB hybrid drive speed issue

    I have a Dell desktop PC with a Seagate 1TB 7200 RPM hybrid drive (ST1000DX002) that is giving me strange speed problems - it's incredibly slow on a particular task. Configuration ■ PC Model: Dell Optiplex 7010 ■ Windows 7 Pro SP1 w/all updates ■ Processor: i7-3770 (4-core/8-logical @ 3.40...
  18. H

    Samsung CCTV cannot connect to router

    I have a Samsung SDR-5102 camera security system.. The basic system works fine. I am failing at connecting it to my TrendNet AC-1750 router through a hardwire (not wireless). I have followed the Samsung manual and configured it as DHCP, TCP, Device Port 4520, and HTTP Port 80. I then need to...
  19. R

    hot cpu i7 7700k

    so i have i7 7700k processor, h1100i v2 cooling, replaced with Noctua NF-F12 PWM Cooling Fan running 100%. power supply is EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GS 80+ GOLD, 650W, here is the temps when i'm not overclocking no xmp profile as well, running prime95
  20. S

    Computer suddenly sparked and stopped booting; CPU fan power cycles; what could be wrong?

    At work, I have an old computer with an Intel DQ45cb motherboard, 8 GB of RAM, a Core 2 Quad CPU, and Corsair CX550M power supply. Today, I was working at my computer when it suddenly went black. There was a spark, then a strange smell. The computer then refused to boot. After connecting the...
  21. O

    I5 6500 good for low graphics gaming?

    Hello there! I am using a "currently made" pc, and i don't have GPU yet. So my question is pretty much the title. For example. lets say that i want to play GTA 5. Will i be able t oplay with decent FPS at low graphics? My PC specs: Motherboard:Gigabyte B150-HD3P CPU: I5 6500 RAM: 1x8 ddr4...
  22. M

    Seasonic 520W M12II-EVO Noise

    I just received my new Seasonic 520w M12II-EVO to replace my old Corsair CX600M with a rattling fan. I read that the M12II-EVO should be quiet but mine makes a weird buzzing or humming noise when idle. I can't really make up if it's electric or the fan. It's not really loud but it is...
  23. S

    Need new psu (need help choosing)

    I currently have a 600w power supply but its not certified or anything (seems like a cheapo to me) but it has worked fine for the past year. getting a new gpu dat requires 8pin and dis psu only has 1 6pin so i thought y not upgrade. im not looking for more wattage necessarily i just want a...
  24. T

    Gtx 960 4gb or Gtx 1060 3gb?

    Hello there. I have the i3 4170 and I am planning on changing my graphics card. I initially wanted the gtx 1060 3gb, but unfortunately it bottlenecks the i3 on most of the new games. Then someone told me that the gtx 960 4gb would perform much better. Is that true? Should I get the 1060 or the...
  25. A

    SSD I want to enable AHCI mode but I can't find SATA Mode in BIOS

    Hello, I want to enable AHCI mode but I can't find the option SATA Mode in BIOS. On other ASUS MBs it should look like this: . The options marked with a red circle are the ones my BIOS are missing. My motherboard is ASUS B150M-A/M.2 and I updated my bios from 0403...
  26. J

    HP Notebook Weak CPU

    i just bought an 11" hp notebook, with an intel braswell n3050 and 2gb system mem. im not using it for gaming or anything just literally to browse the internet, type essays, youtube and watch streams via twitch/yt. i thought it should be great considering it was only 120$ but the laptop can...
  27. ryguybuddy

    Best card for $300?

    I have $300 to spend on a GTX 1060/RX 480 or some other card. I would prefer a cool-looking card, but performance can take precedence. I want to play Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and possibly Star Wars Battlefront. Please tell me what resolution/settings/fps I might get with your card...
  28. A

    GPU fans only spin after 35% power

    so ive had problems whit my pc lately and finely got it working for the most part. the problem is the fans don't spin at the start and using speed fan found out they only work after i set them to 35% there power and they don't seem to be to there full strant its so post to be
  29. Dazinek

    i5 6600k vs i7 6700k - Gaming/Future

    Hello all, Currently I'm trying to see which one of these CPUs would be for better use of me, the i5 6600k or i7 6700k. 100 dollar difference... I do plan on OCing the CPU. Also I will have TWO 980 ti's SLI'd, at 1440p 144hz display. Main question here is, would the i5 be good now and the...
  30. A

    Boot from Win 7 Installation DVD, no mouse or keyboard

    This morning when I tried to boot my Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit desktop, it said: No such device. I stuck the installation DVD in to repair it, and it booted, but then did not detect the mouse or keyboard. Nothing I could do to use it. I entered the BIOS, and there was no problem using the mouse and...
  31. N

    High polling rate on my mouse suddenly gives extreme stutter

    Yesterday morning, I restarted my PC and when I started playing my games (CS:GO and Overwatch), they were stuttering really bad. First I though it was my GPU causing problems but after I made a clean reinstall of it's driver and did some testing, I found out that the stutter only happened when I...
  32. EdTheNerd

    Im just curious, but how cold does the water get in Corsair H100i?

    I know this sounds dumb, but how cold does the water get in liquid cooling? (H100i). I don't need this for some spec sheet I am just curious.
  33. TRE IzDOPE

    my cpu vid voltage raises after I increase multiplier - plz help

    I have win 10 64 bit 8gb ram gtx 960 amd 860k a68hm-e33 v2 motherboard I finally figured out how to change the multiplier in the bios.. i am using AOD (amd overdrive) to look at my thermal margins.. I will start by saying I have raised my multiplier which is unlocked from 37 - 41 so far and...
  34. M

    Anyone using Fx 8350 + R9 390

    Hey, Im planning to build a system with fx 8350 and r9 390 so i just wanted to know about your experience with it? What fps you get in games like csgo? Thanks help appreciated
  35. Bill2002

    Best airflow solution for air starved GPU

    I am using a stock HP envy case, and I've got a 970 that could use a little more air sometimes. I was thinking about mounting a fan on the side panel, but it's only about 2-3 inches wide and about 2 inches tall. Small vented grill, but it's one of the only ways I can think of to get some fresh...
  36. O

    Is this config good/bad ?

    I am helping a young cousin with his first ever PC build. It will be primarily used for gaming but he also wants it to be good enough for whatever programming usage he might need it for next year when he's applying for engineering college. Some of the parts (marked as purchased) I am giving him...
  37. K

    which intel i7 cpu is equal to a xeon W3565 cpu

    ok so i scored a xeon W3565 for 30$ used and im wondering which i7 cpu is the same i ask this because i know some xeon cpus were basically variants of the i7 cpu so im curious which i7 is the variant of this cpu i was thinking the i7 960
  38. S

    Powering speaker and a subwoofer without built in amp

    Hello there, I have this really nice set of bookshelf speakers that i was planning to power with a mini amp like the lepai 2020 etc however i have this AMAZING sounding subwoofer from a home theater that wasn't being using and i want to know how i can power the bookshelf and subwoofer with an...
  39. H

    UAC prompt on login

    Hello, I'm hoping someone is more familiar with this than I am. My friend has a Windows 7 laptop and when he logs in he gets a UAC prompt asking permission for udrive.exe to run. He doesn't know what udrive is or where it came from. Udrive isn't listed in the installed programs list. I did...
  40. K

    Release date for Silverstone RVZ02 and Fractal Design Node 202?

    the silverstone sg13b was released but i want those.