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  1. Question Third display, no signal

    I cannot get Windows to display a picture on all three of my displays. Hello, I am having trouble getting Windows 10 to display on three monitory. All three monitors are the same: Philips 326E8FJSB and all are brand new. The graphics card is an MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z and all are connected by...
  2. K

    Question Display connectors HDMI/DVI-D/DP

    i just wanted to clear things up, i've been reading a lot of thread here but still im quite confused on how should i go about this. First, this is my planned connection My VC has only 1xDP 1.4, 1xHDMI 2.0b , Dual Link - DVI. Now HDMI2.0b im not quite sure as i only know 2.0, i think they're...
  3. V

    Question Can RTX 2060 (or GTX 1660 Ti) handle a 3 screen setup for video editing?

    I am building a video editing machine with i7 8700 (non k) and Inno 3D RTX 2060 6GB. I will be connecting it to a Benq 27" PD2710QC QHD Monitor (for primary editing), a Dell S2218H FHD Monitor (for footage management and casual browsing) and a Sony Bravia 40" FHD TV (for video output). I won't...
  4. im Husky

    I just can't get the videocard out..

    I just cant get my gpu out i dont see any lever but also nothing else ive been trying everything for 45 mins and it just wont get out.. i have a h81m motherboard and amd 280x please help i want to install my gtx 1070
  5. steven37

    $300 budget build. Need help!

    Needing parts to build a $300 rig including The OS. Is this possible? It's for a young boy so of course he's going to want to play some games on it, I just need this budget build done and he can work on upgrades and stuff in the future so we need room in there to upgrade.