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    Question Weird FPS issue using an external monitor on laptop ?

    My laptop is Dell G15 5510 with an LG 24EA53 external monitor connected to it. The monitor is plugged into my laptop using a quality HDMI cable. My laptop is on the side of my desk, whilst the external monitor is on the top of my desk. My laptop's screen is smaller so I want to use the external...
  2. T

    Question Multiple monitor issues with new GPU

    Hello all I built my first PC and all was going well - I used my old GTX1650 while I waited to upgrade my GPU - got lucky in the AMD weekly stock drop online and got a 6800xt at MSRP. I just upgraded the GPU a few days ago. It performs great in benchmarks and in games so far, but I have some...
  3. C

    Question Two identical monitors but one is flickering black ?

    I have two identical monitors, one connected via HDMI and one connected via VGA. The VGA monitor started flashing to black and back like it was turning off and on randomly but the power light doesn't change. I tried switching the input to DVI but the issue persists. I assume it's not an issue...
  4. T

    Question BIOS post message doesn't show up with dual GPU

    Hi, I recently got an RX 480 by xfx. I bought that to replace my gtx 1050. I decided to plug both graphics cards in, and use the 1050 to manage the lateral monitors. The problem is that if I put the 480 in the 1st pcie slot and the 1050 in the other, the bios post message doesn't show up. The...
  5. C

    Question Graphics card with three DVI outputs

    I have a custom built computer that has been in service since 2015. Specs are as follows: MSI Z170A Gaming M3 motherboard Intel i7-6700K 4GHz 8 MB cache, LGA 1151 processor 16 GB (2 x 8GB) Gskill Ripjaws DDR4 RAM MSI Radeon R9 390 Gaming graphics card, 8GB Samsung Syncmaster 930b monitors...
  6. J

    Question AMD Freesync multiple monitors

    Planning on buying RX 5700 XT and run 3 identical freesync monitors using display ports, will freesync work on all 3?
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Different gpu's for each monitor

    Hey everyone, i've got a question about running different gpu's for each monitor. To be more specific, I want to run a GTX 970 G1 for a 1080p 60Hz monitor, and an RTX 2060 for my 1440p 144Hz monitor. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated Thanks! Chris-
  8. M

    [SOLVED] Multiple Displays Scaling and Aligning

    Hi, I currently have two 27" monitors, one is 1080p and the other is 1440p. I would like to run them so that they appear the same size in Display Settings instead of one of them being smaller. I would prefer not to scale down the resolution of the 1440p, so is there any way to make the 1080p...
  9. Brandthewolf

    Question I Have had 4 Monitors die in less than a year

    So For some reason, EVERY monitor i have currently is doing the very same thing, When connected to power, they flash on then shut off, Each 4 of these monitors Were functioning the night before, and due to the heat(Because i live in texas) i put my system into sleep mode manually, EACH time, the...
  10. V

    Question Can RTX 2060 (or GTX 1660 Ti) handle a 3 screen setup for video editing?

    I am building a video editing machine with i7 8700 (non k) and Inno 3D RTX 2060 6GB. I will be connecting it to a Benq 27" PD2710QC QHD Monitor (for primary editing), a Dell S2218H FHD Monitor (for footage management and casual browsing) and a Sony Bravia 40" FHD TV (for video output). I won't...
  11. Question Is It Possible? Two Mice, One Machine

    Community: I am wondering if it is possible to set up one mouse that can be used to play a game on a separate monitor while using another mouse to do other things (coding, surfing, Netflixing, etc.). My specs: I'm trying to use a macro I made in Razer Synapse with my Naga Epic for a game...
  12. NerdyComputerGuy

    Question Window artifacts when using windows basic or classic theme on extra monitors

    Hi, So basically this has been a recurring problem for a while now, i stopped it from happening by switching to AERO and leaving it on aero but this has caused dwm.exe to have high cpu usage and I only have a Pentium g3258 which doesn't really have alot of juice with it only being 2 cores and...
  13. C

    Question Monitors detected but not working

    I have a main monitor that always works and I have three additional 55" TV's that I connect every now and then. I when I connect them via three-way hdmi splitter the main screen begins to blink. The display settings window keep switching back and forth from multiple displays detected to none, on...
  14. E

    Question Connect PC

    So recently I connected my PC to my monitor with a dvi cable and it still didn’t boot up. What cable do I need? I have a LG 22EA53 Monitor.
  15. L

    Pink Screen Flashes

    This is in relation to another post with an issue that I am monitoring. And I do plan to contact the place of purchase that services the warranty I purchased. Unit: MSI GS65, i7 8750H, GTX 1070 Max-Q, 16GB, 512GB Should a brief flash of a pink screen at boot and wake-up be of concern? And...
  16. D

    Should I upgrade from i5-6500 to i7-7700K

    Hi all, just thought I'd ask the question as I have recently purchased an Oculus Rift and got into streaming and video editing quite a bit. I've had a few occasions whilst gaming and streaming that viewers have said my stream has frozen, so I'm wondering if the extra power of the i7 (or even...
  17. A

    Usb type C port with usb 3.1 mobo header

    I am buying a Asus prime h270 plus motherboard and SilverStone RL-05 cpu case My question is can I connect the usb type C port with mobo's usb 3.1 header? Also if you conect usb 3.0 port to mobo's 3.1 will it give the performance of usb 3.1? If not any suggestions for a cheap case with usb 3.1...
  18. MacLaw

    dual keyboard mapping

    Hello, I recently purchased a DeLux T9 keypad from Amazon. Here's the link: I was hoping to use this keyboard as a number pad for my laptop for gaming. The problem is when I change the "S" on the DeLux, the...
  19. I

    Evga Gtx 1080 hybrid vs Zotac extreme amp 1080

    I know that evga has great customer support and everyone loves there cards. The evga card is also water cooled. Not the ftw version. The zotac card is the fastest stock boost clock and has 3 fans for cooling. What should I get, there both similar in price.
  20. H

    Do I need the 4 pin ATX cable to power the processor?

    So I'm building my first computer and I was looking at power supplies I saw mentions of the 4 pin ATX 12V cable. I know it brings power to the processor, but is it required for the pc to boot? Or does the processor get power directed to it from the motherboards power cable?
  21. L

    Buying a GPU

    Hello, My PC ; Core i5 4440 Evga Supernova 650W Gold Biostar H81 board Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8Gb GTX 750Ti I really want to upgrade my GPU for games like BF1, Titanfall 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands, WatchDogs 2, Gears of War 4. I am using a 1080p monitor. I am confused with GTX 1070 and GTX 1060.
  22. R

    Laptop recognizes linux but not windows

    Hi all, I was asked to repair a friend's computer he said that his laptop was broken and he brought the computer back to the shop for repair. The repairman said that it was only possible to install linux and not windows (the laptop had windows pre-installed). I found that odd so I made a live...
  23. X

    Old Motherboard Bios or Dead CPU?!

    Ok so I have a Asus H97i-Plus Itx motherboard i just bought because im downsizing from my ATX case. My old PC worked like I charm so I moved my i5 4690k from my old Z97 board to this smaller H97 and everything else i triple checked everything and im not getting any signal monitor just sits in...
  24. O

    How to know if my graphic card is UEFI/fast boot compatible

    I got a Powercolor R9 270 and I can't find how to know if it have an UEFI bios. Even powercolor"s site don't seem to care. Any idea how to check this? Right now the system have not been put toghter yet so I can't test anytihng... Thanks!
  25. Zedjulz316

    Buying the LEPA Exllusion 240?

    Hello, I am planning on buying a new cpu cooler, this time AIO. I have been looking at the LEPA Exllusion and it seems pretty solid. It also looks awesome and I plan to overclock. However, I have heard of a case or two where the res had cracks or scratch marks. Does anyone know if I should also...
  26. V

    Cooler master rs430pcar psu

    I found my old psu and it is working fine, but couldn't check on a system, will take it to the shop tomorrow for confirmation, if all the ports r working or not. Now, is it possible to add more sata ports,as I need 2-3 sata ports more then it have. I going to use 3 sata ports for Hdd, one being...
  27. Eli Little

    Issue Accessing RAM

    I just bought a Lenovo laptop to use for college, but I am having an issue. The computer comes with 6GB if memory and uses Windows 8.1. However, I am contantly running out of RAM with nothing buy Google Chrome open. I checked the App Manager and found this: http:// (There are two images. Just...
  28. DukiNuki

    Gaming Rig for 2K $

    Hi People . I'm About to Build my Gaming System in near future and my limit is 2.000 $ just wanna check in with you guys and get some advice on parts Im not gonna OC or Crossfire/SLI at all and i want it for hardcore gaming only . CPU & Mainboard : for Processor i'm going with i7 6700K and...
  29. AMDRazer

    1yr used Gigabyte WindForce OC GTX 770 vs New R9 280

    I would like to purchase a new graphic card. The cheapest r9 280 is around 160 but this 770 is only 150. I havent negotiated yet but the seller has used it for one year. Is GByte's warranty transferable? I will be playing games @ 1680x1050; NBA 2k15/BF4 Which is the superior card?
  30. RobertasK

    PC wont boot up after cpu upgrade

    hello there , i am new here i have a problem after upgrading my pc cpu from Pentium d 915 to core 2 duo e4600 it frezes on boot up, PC Model :Lenovo A55-9641 What to do, update bios?how when it freezes , or replace the old one and then update? Please help when i press enter nothing happens.
  31. H

    PC does not boot

    Hello everyone! first time builder and poster here (: I ran into a problem while i was assembling my pc. I can not make it work somehow. specs: CPU Intel Core i3-4160 3.6GHz Dual-Core Processor Motherboard ASRock H97M-ITX/AC Mini ITX LGA1150 Motherboard Memory Kingston Fury Series 8GB...
  32. C

    Need help for buying a suitable PSU for my PC!!!

    i m looking forward to change my PSU please recommend me suitable PSU for following config. my desktop config is: processor - AMD FX 8350 4.00ghz motherboard - Gigabyte GA-78LMT- USB3 cpu socket - AM3+ ram - corsair 8gb vengeance 1600mhz gpu - amd radeon hd 6670 2 hard drives 500gb & 160gb...
  33. G

    How to install window 7 ulitmate to a PC with no operation system

    Got my new gmaing pc yesterday, has no opereation system how do i install window7 onto it
  34. R

    If a PC runs in another room but nobody hears it, is it making any noise?

    So I was getting ready to order parts for my new PC build when I ran into LinusTechTips' video reviewing Cornering 100ft USB 3.0 cable. He jokes about this in the video but I'm seriously considering dumping the build I had planned and coming up with a new one focusing on raw performance rather...
  35. P

    NZXT Phantom: Requesting help connecting two LED fans

    The button for controlling the on/off switch only allows one LED connection at a time. Is there a way I could connect two LED fans to this switch? I'd be very grateful for step by step guides.
  36. D

    Graphics card problem

    Hello, I bought a Dell Inspiron 15r 5537, it's an Intel core i7 processor, 8 GB ram and it has 2 graphics card as most of laptops, Intel ingreated 4400 and AMD Readon HD 86700 2 GB dedicated graphics card. My problem is about games and the AMD dedicated graphics card, anytime I open any game...
  37. Asbaat

    A Big Thanks From Me To The Community Of Tomshardware!

    Thank you Guys. There was a day when i didn't even know the "A B C" of computers and thanks to this forum and nice guys like you. I am able to finally work on everything and i now know nearly everything about computer hardwares, models, compatibility etc. Thanks Once Again! I will soon buy a pc...
  38. D

    loading web pages

    how come web pages are loading very very slow if at all. and internet keeps disconnecting and connecting. its not a problem with the actual internet. It also powerwashed due to critical error
  39. Dylzan

    Asus GTX 770 DirectCU II OC vs Sapphire Radeon R9 280X Toxic edition

    I've been looking at these 2 cards, they are all similar price of £240-£250 and I was wondering which one will be the best for most games. I am also open to other suggestions which I mihgt not have considered. Specs: i5 3470 4GHz, 650w XFX PSU, 8GB RAM.
  40. exfileme

    StarCraft II Patch Enables Custom Maps in Starter Edition

    Blizzard's Arcade is now open to the StarCraft II Starter Edition public. StarCraft II Patch Enables Custom Maps in Starter Edition : Read more