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    [SOLVED] MBP mid-2012 2nd monitor is mirroring the first

    I'm currently having problems connecting two monitors to my mac. What normally occurs is one monitor just mirros the other leaving me with my laptops screen a monitor and a monitor mirroring the 1st monitor. I'm using a mini display port to dual hdmi and at the time it seemed like the perfect...
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    [SOLVED] PC outputted to two monitors - one displayport to my 27" 1440p 144hz & one hdmi to my 22" 1080p led. BIOS doesnt show up on 27" main screen

    My main pc screen is the 27" displayport monitor and whenever i launch my pc, the HDMI monitor is getting the bios startup menu. However, i have configured the pc to not project to the 22" when not in use to save power (win key + p). So whenever i turn the pc on, my 27" will take a while to load...
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    Question Refresh rate on multiple monitors

    Hey everyone, Who can explain me how the refresh rate works with different monitors? Lets say the main monitor is a 144hz, seconday 100hz and a third one 60hz. What will the refresh rate be while browsing and what while gaming? Thank you!
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    Question Graphics card only one output working?

    I have Nvidia GT710 card with 3 outputs, I had all 3 outputs working and could run 3 screens at the same time. However now only once screen works and the PC is not even picking up the other monitors. I have tried switching cables and the display switched to the other monitor. I have checked...
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    Looking to upgrade my laptop.

    I have a gateway ms2273 with an Intel Pentium processor (came stock with it) but I was wondering if I could replace it with a 2nd generation i5 processor from a broken laptop laying around without changing the motherboard. Is it compatible or should I just give up on it?