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    Question Overclocking the GPU for GPD MicroPC and Chuwi Hi10X (Intel Celeron N4100/N4120)

    Hello. Please help with overclocking the GPU for GPD MicroPC and Chuwi Hi10X (Intel Celeron N4100 and N4120), Intel made a limitation of 8.5 watts per GPU. Google Translate is used. 8.5 watts = 700 Mhz. GPD MicroPC vs GPD Win 2 performance comparsion GPD MicroPC is 2 times weaker than GPD...
  2. W

    Question 8700k Frequency higher then set in bios

    hi, my 8700k had a oc of 4.7 all cores 1.35v ( i havent tinkered with lowering it yet, since everything above 47 wasnt stable even with 1.38v ) no avx offset, bclk at 100, multicore enhancement off i noticed that during loads or even browsing the web .. it sometimes ramps to 5ghz and stays...
  3. I

    Question Need help on sata multiplier

    hy everyone, i'm trying to connect 2 or more hdd's to one sata port on my motherboard using this multiplier, but for some reason only port 3 is working/recognizes a hdd. no matter what hdd i connect to it. Port 3 is the one in the middle and the closest to the chip on that board. Any ideas...
  4. M

    Question Low BCLK, High multiplier?

    Have you ever thought about lowering BCLK and increasing multiplier? Any success? For example 60Mhz BCLK and 70x multiplier to get 4.5Ghz instead of 100MHz and 45x multiplier The advantage of lower BCLK (if it works) is wider frequency range and lower power consumption when idle. There could...
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    i9 9900k pci lanes

    I'm trying to understand if i can get what i need from this processor. I plan on buying the i9 9900k with a Gigabyte z390 Master. I will be transferring the following from my current system: 4x16 sticks of RAM (64GB total) GTX 1080 10Gb Ehternet PCI Express card 1 NVMe m.2 drive 2 SATA...
  6. T

    Dark rock 3 vs dark rock pro 3

    I'm just wondering is the pro version a lot cooler or not? that is the only thing holding me back from picking.
  7. U

    MSI 970 Gaming motherboard grease/oil under vrm w/ pictures

    So I've just started having an issue with my pc randomly black screening and gpu fan increasing to 100. I believe this to be the psu which i just replaced today(about 4 weeks ago I replaced my 750 ti with a 1060 and the psu I had in it was a generic psu I know this is bad). Then I saw this...
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    Help needed please, stuttering gameplay on my NEW BUILD!!!!!

    Hi all, long time reader here, first time poster. Anyway, my new build is doing my head in. Gameplay is stuttering badly in GTA V and slightly annoyingly in Battlefield 1 and Sniper Elite 3. I haven't bothered downloading any of my other games just yet as I assume its not just down to those...
  9. D

    Is the gtx 1070 compatible with my motherboard?

    I want to buy the gtx 1070. I have an i7-3770k and the motherboard is asus cg8480. This page describe the pc that i have pretty much: So my question do i need to change my motherboard or not.
  10. 3

    Freeze then won't boot

    Hi guys Lemme tell u my problems with my Pc, I was playing borderlands 2got it from steam then suddenly it freezes Idk what happened the power button won't work then I plug off the cable then put it in again It won't boot nothing in display, no sound from inside I'm confused please help me...
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    Is this a decent build

    I built a gaming PC on a budget, I spent £664.69 including VAT Do you think there are any bottlenecks/ any issues with this build, aside from the PSU (I didn't know VS series was not for gaming but it seems to work fine even though I have been gaming for a month) Also, it only has the one case...
  12. C

    (Semi) Newb Looking to Buy a Gaming Rig That Can Support 2560x1600 Res

    Hi there guys, I am looking to buy/build a gaming rig. Here is what I am HOPING to get out of it and what I am dealing with now: The only game I really play is Dota 2 but I would like to have the option to be able to run more graphically demanding games on steam. Here is where things get a...
  13. S

    I have replaced my original 3GB memory with 8GB Crucial memory. However, the System function only reports 2.85GB. The bios rep

    I have a Gateway NV79 laptop with a narra2-g8le motherboard. I have replaced my original 3GB memory with 8GB Crucial memory. However, the System function only reports 2.85GB. The bios reports 8GB. Dxdiag also reports 8GB. However, when using the system function it reports 2.85GB. I have run...
  14. S

    Laptop Back-light problems

    When I open the lid of my laptop more less than 90 degree, screen and back-light works fine. When the lid is open more than 90 degree, screen works fine but back-light turns off. All other components of the laptop works fine. The problem has started only recently, and the laptop in question is a...
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    Video Editing Software

    Hey.. So yea i need a Video Editing software for my youtube. I upload minecraft videos and I need something to edit it with! BUT: Must be free.. no lag no trials no watermarks and once again free. 100% free not a single payment due. Not even asking for your credit card just for the heck of it...
  16. K

    SSD smart data should I be concerned?

    I dont know if im being to much of a dad to my ssd but.... is this normal? like should I not be worried or anything? heres a pic PS the model of the ssd is "KINGSTON SV300S37A120G" and he is only like 2 months old
  17. D

    im getting blue screen of death on my pc

    ok im getting the bsod on my pc and heres the error message BCCode: 3b BCP1: 00000000C0000005 BCP2: FFFFF88013EE329C BCP3: FFFFF8800AF43A90 BCP4: 0000000000000000 OS Version: 6_1_7600 Service Pack: 0_0 Product: 256_1 im runnning AMD fx 4650 with corsair h60 and 8 GB of gskill...
  18. B

    Will an i5 4440 bottleneck an R9 290X

    Will an i5 4440 bottleneck an R9 290x
  19. Shadowwrath5

    shared windows updates download

    Hi I have multiple windows 8 computers through out my house. I also have 3 computers that run steam on which I game. When updates come around its a pain to update evry computer. Is there a way via a server of somesort be able to download the updates once but be able to install them everywhere...
  20. R

    Best Laptop or Ultrabook?

    Hi there, I am looking for a laptop or ultrabook for university but there are so many choices its overwhelming. I am looking for something portable and well priced. I want to be able to do everyday tasks like surfing the internet or word processing without any hassle. I was looking at the...
  21. Prdp

    what is my RAM'S CAS LATENCY

    This is the CPU-Z report abot my RAM.. can anyone tell me whats my CAS Latency? Memory SPD ------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIMM # 1 SMBus address 0x52 Memory type DDR3 Module format SO-DIMM Manufacturer (ID) Nanya Technology...