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  1. A

    Question Sudden FPS and CPU utilization drop ?

    My CPU usage drops suddenly for few seconds along with sudden fps drop while playing Valorant. This also happens sometimes while playing on chrome. But interestingly while playing (browser based game) when I unplug my laptop from power adapter I don't get any sudden fps...
  2. K

    Question Max resolution on GeForce mx150 in Lenovo Ideapad 520

    Hi, I want to buy ultra wide monitor (IIYAMA ProLite XUB34) to use with my laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 520 (GeForce MX150). Just wondering, will I be able to use max resoultion on this monitor - what is 3440 x 1440? How can i check this? Thanks for help!
  3. Melonator

    [SOLVED] Laptop having lag spikes at all games, and CPU running at 70c on idle

    I have an Asus Zenbook 14 with the specs i5 8265u mx 150 8gb ram First off, my lag spike problem. I play low spec games like terraria, superhot, and Minecraft. Hell, even Roblox on the lowest settings. You see, performance wise its always 60fps but the framerate would drop so bad every half...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] MX150 vs MX250

    Hi everybody, I previously asked to help me building a PC, but evalutating the circs I need a laptop; so I started looking for a quite good one. After a little time, I found a graphics card that could be what's right for me: GeForce MX250. But in some videos I heard that the previous model...
  5. A

    Question Fps drops when plugged in.

    I have an Acer Swift 3 (SF-315-51G) laptop. In any game that I play when plugged in I get FPS drops. I installed MSI afterburner to find out why and found that the GPU reaches a temperature limit at 69 degrees. I don't have any issue when I play on battery the fps is locked at 60 with a little...