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Forum discussion tagged with mx250.
  1. R

    Question MX150 vs MX250

    Hi everybody, I previously asked to help me building a PC, but evalutating the circs I need a laptop; so I started looking for a quite good one. After a little time, I found a graphics card that could be what's right for me: GeForce MX250. But in some videos I heard that the previous model...
  2. zengalaxy

    [SOLVED] Replacement GPU or External GPU for HP Envy x360 convertible?

    Hi guys, TL;DR => Is it possible to replace the GPU in an HP Envy x360? Or is it better to get an eGPU? Full story: I bought this new laptop less than 2 weeks ago. HP Envy x360 15-DR1300ND. The specs are great, so It's a great laptop for a freelance marketer who is always on the go. It comes...
  3. Lil’bertz

    [SOLVED] Is the MX250 enough for light video editing?

    im going to buy a laptop soon. im going to use it for casual use like light gaming (some minecraft or terraria but since the laptop im buying has TB 3 i can play more intensive games) and light video editing for simple school projects. but im considering to buy a gaming laptop instead cus its...
  4. S

    Question No brightness control after reimage of new Lenovo T490 Thinkpad

    Bought a new T490, extracted all of it's OEM drivers as I had to reimage it to W10 Enterprise for BitLocker support (required by my University). After reinstalling all of it's OEM drivers, I have no control of brightness. I tried disabling and reenabling the graphics driver in Device Manager. In...