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    Question Can a series of SMART selftests be made to span the entire ssd if each selftest is periodically aborted?

    I've been using "nearly nonstop" extended selftests to try to mitigate a bug in the firmware of the Crucial MX500 ssd that causes excessive write amplification: Before I began running the selftests, the Write Amplification Factor (WAF) averaged about 40 during a period of many weeks. With...
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    Question Crucial MX500 500GB sata ssd Remaining Life decreasing fast despite few bytes being written

    The Remaining Life (RL) of my Crucial MX500 ssd has been decreasing rapidly, even though the pc doesn't write much to it. Below is the log I began keeping after I noticed RL reached 95% after about 6 months of use. Assuming RL truly depends on bytes written, the decrease in RL is accelerating...
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    Question Crucial Mx500 causes BSOD

    While I watching a youtube video or playing a video games or computing on very basic languague the windows crushes with error code "irql not less or equal" or "service system exception" and while trying to restart, it crashes again and again until windows troubleshoot helper become active and...
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    [SOLVED] Installing MX500 SSD on a laptop motherboard

    Hey guys, what's the name of the wire used to connect the MX500 SSD to a laptop motherboard. I look up SATA cable but a bunch of different wires keep popping up.
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    [SOLVED] Crucial MX500 SSD not getting recognised in windows.

    Hello, I recently purchased a MX500 SSD and it is not being recognised in windows, I can't find it in BIOS or disk management. I've tried it in other SATA ports and cables and still nothing. Thanks in advance.