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    Question My system vs MB: Bannerlord question

    Good day everyone! I posted this one before but I think it just got lost to the bowels of toms magnificent hardware. Haha. But I digress, here's what I'm curious about. My rig is as follows: Ga-b75m-d3h mb I5 3570k cpu Pny gtx 1660 super 6gb 8gb ram So I know its stated: I know both my cpu and...
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    Fans running but no display

    So my computer was running fine till a month or two ago, and then it suddenly stopped working as if it wasn't connected . I cleaned the my PC and took my PSU out and connected it back. All fans started running again on booting up but I can't hear the windows starting or that beep coming from the...
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    Whats better for gaming pc fx-6300 & r9 280 or fx-8320 & r9 270?

    what would be better for gaming, playing games such as, watch dogs, LoL,gta,CoD,Titanfall. On high settings, using the fx-6300 with r9 280 or fx-8320 with r9 270. and here is the build, (still deciding on the GPU) I want the best build for $700. Please take in to note I'm in Canada, so please...