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    Question Is myspace dead?

    I dont really know where to ask about this so i'll try here... by any chance does anyone still have a myspace account? can you log in to it? I cannot log in to any of my myspace accounts, neither can I change the password, neither can I create new accounts. Can someone confirm that this is not...
  2. S

    Looking to buy a new APU around 8,000 INR

    My current APU is an AMD A8-6600K 3.9GHz Quad Core and I am not quite sure that whether I should go for a new APU or not,because if I do I'll have to buy a new motherboard too. I have been seeing all these new APUs coming in the market lately like, AMD Ryzen and all so that's kinda made me...
  3. A

    What negatives would not installing chipset drivers have?

    I just discovered that I never installed chipset drivers for my gaming PC that Ive been using for over a year... it kinda always acted a bit funny but I assumed that was just nature of Windows 7 - slightly buggy. Have I been limiting my PC in some way by not installing these drivers?
  4. S

    Looking to Purchase New 17" Laptop ($1500-2000)

    I am looking for recommendations for a new Windows laptop. I would want it to be 17" in at least 1080p, cost preferably closer to $1500, have some form of solid state storage, not super clunky, with relatively high-end internal specs that can handle most games at higher graphics settings...
  5. B

    Windows 7 wont boot no operating system

    Hello, Message won't boot - boot with Win7 DVD - go to repair - no operating system shown - do repair - reboot - same result
  6. M

    3 pin power for Dell Precision 490

    I want to replace my graphic card (NVS 285, really sucks) in the dell precision 490 with a EVGA 8800GS 384MB. The problem is the fan on the 8800GS has a 3 pin power cable which I can't find in my 490. Any guys has an idea how can I solve this issue? Thanks a lot.
  7. S

    "Internet has stopped working"

    I just installed Windows 7 for the first time yesterday. However, I already seem to have a problem. Often I close a tab in Internet Explorer 8, I get the message "Internet has stopped working", and I have to click on "close" to finally close the tab. This is really annoying. Anyone knows how...
  8. S

    Budget build between $400 and $500

    Hello everyone! New to these forums. SO much good information around here, thank you to everyone. I am planning on doing a new build for my girlfriend to replace her 8 year old failing pc. She will be mostly using it to work from home, browsing the internet and listening to music. Hardly any...
  9. H

    download windows 7 have my license key

    I need to reinstall my Windows7 Proffessional 64 due to malware. Can I download a copy from the net and use my license keys to get back on track again?
  10. C

    Is this graphics card compatible with my motherboard?

    Hi everyone! I've just built my first PC, which I am very proud of. I am using a MSI B75MA-P45 Motherboard (Which is a nice Mobo for the price!). Now I'm looking for a graphics card to use, and came across a EVGA 650 ti 2 GB Boost. My question is this: Will that graphics card fit on this...
  11. G

    Help with Gateway Router and Range Extender

    Archived from groups:,alt.gateway,alt.internet.wireless,alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000 (More info?) I need help setting up a range extender using a Gateway WGR-200 wireless router. I purchased a D-Link and couldn't get into their IP address to set it up...
  12. E

    Computers BSODs after startup? Ideas on why?

    Hey guys. Built a computer for my brother-in-law recently and something odd is happening (this is my 7th build, so I do have some experience). To keep costs down (only needs it for very basic things, really low budget), I used an AMD A6-5400k and a MSI-FM2-A75MA-E35 Mobo. The hard drive was a...
  13. G

    Remove Hard Drive from Pavillion n5170

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware,comp.sys.hp.misc (More info?) OK, here it goes. I have a little computer business on the side, dealing mostly with desktops, both hardware and software. A previous client asked me if I would look at 2 identical laptops he has. One won't boot at all...
  14. aj2013

    How to use MVP Vurtue thing

    I then tried downloading that MVP thing and that worked, but on restart my screen just stayed black after the loading logo, so I had to do a system restore to a day before, so how do I use this thing lol, I want to use it especially if it will give me some extra fps because why not right/ My...
  15. AndyC53

    Which monitor is better and why?

    The title says it all. Here are the two monitors. I will be using this monitor for my gaming PC.
  16. T

    About laptop bluetooth

    Hello,my laptop cant receive or send information through wireless connection. any time i tried doin any of the above, it keep telling me i needed a peripheral driver. what do i do?
  17. T

    will my psu be enough?

    fx 6300 - 4.5ghzO.C r9 280x asus direct top ii asrock 970 extreme4 seasonic g 550
  18. B

    can you use an ati card on a nvidia chipset

    i have a mobo with the nvidia nforce 570 ultra chipset. i was wondering whether in the future i could use an ati graphics card. especially because amd bought ati.
  19. S

    New to wide screen TV's (need advice before buying)

    Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia (More info?) Samsung HC-P4752W (my brothers) apparently doesn't accept a PC signal for HDMI/DVI (thanks to some handy DRM?) I'm in the final stages of buying one, but I need information. I couldn't be bothered with TV so it'll be DVD's...