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  1. D

    Question Home built NAS solution for baskup?

    Hello all, Recently I've thinking of making a basic NAS server for my backup need to basically get the photos and other important documents off my phones and on something more central. I looked around and most people recommended FreeNAS. Upon looking into it, it seems really powerful but it's...
  2. fall3n

    [SOLVED] Synology NAS very slow and not discoverable on 5Gig wifi after power outtage

    My NAS used to work great but then the other night the power went out and now the NAS is not discoverable on 5Gig wifi, and when I switch it is discoverable but goes ridiculously slow. How do I reverse whatever problem happened?
  3. V

    Question Is it possible Expanding my NAS SHR Storage

    I have a Synology 4-BAY disk station (DS416J) that I want to add more drives to but I'm confused if that's possible. I'm currently out of space on my 8TB RED Drive and I want to add an 18TB red drive to expand the storage. The raid type is SHR. (without data protection.) Is this possible without...
  4. O

    Question Fast and Economical Small Office File Sharing Server

    Hi, My team and I are working on a new project, that requires group access to a single locally stored stock library. Each team member would be working on a video and they would source the footage that they require from our stock library. They would need to access the library via the network...
  5. C

    Question Looking for a good cheap NAS

    Hi I am looking for a NAS to put on my network. I am really only looking to put games, photos, and whatever my family wants to put on there. I'm really looking to get one as I am on a metered network. I don't pay for the internet service and my parents wont upgrade. I am currently looking at the...
  6. Brijesh Sundi

    Question What upgrade should I do for my old system for converting into a NAS?

    Hi I have my old system so I am trying to make it NAS(I know the system is tooooo... old!!!!) my old system specification: mobo:GA-H61MS proccessor:i3-3220 ram:16gb(8x2)(1333mhz) graphics card:geforce 210(1gb) Upgrades which I am planning to make perfect NAS: proccessor from i3 to i5-3470...
  7. Dendommenaap

    [SOLVED] 2 of my sata ports on mb not working what to do now?

    hey i have a question i built myself a nas-server. i'm using a 500gb nvme ssd from samsung as chache a standisk ssd for bootdrive and 5 wd 1tb hdd's for storage the only problem is that now 2 of the 6 sata connectors on the mb stopped working . do you know if there is a way to fix this?
  8. D

    [SOLVED] Raid Options

    I want to setup a 2 disk NAS box. I don't want to do a raid 0, If one fails its all gone. I also dont want to do a Raid 1, I lose half the space. Is there any option to do a raid with 2 disk and distributed parity. The specs im thinking on are below. A 4 bay nas is out of my budget. The current...
  9. visuals_black

    [SOLVED] NAS Video Editing | Davinci Resolve | Mac + Windows

    I'm having some issues with editing in Resolve between a Mac & Windows machine. I think it comes down to Mac seeing the NAS as a "VOLUME" and Windows seeing the NAS as "B:/" (our mapped drive letter) so RESOLVE thinks they are two different locations... Any way to combat this? We both can...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] NAS to USB HDD speeds ?

    Hi All, I am currently doing some HDD juggling to move some data from my NAS to an external HDD in a USB 3.0 enclosure. I have connected my the USB3.0 enclosure directly to the NAS. I'm only getting around 30mbps which seems awfully slow to me. I am not sure what could be the issue. The setup...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] RAID for Home Based NAS

    Hi all, Apologies if this is an over done question, but I figured that asking would get me the best info. I have a Seagate 4-bay NAS, currently it is running in JBOD with a 1tb, 4tb, 4tb and 2tb. Totaling to 11tb of space. I recently bought a 6tb and a 3tb HDD that I want to replace the 1 and...
  12. woodson75

    [SOLVED] Any tips on speeding up NAS data migration across my network

    I recently purchased a new Synology D220+ to replace my DIY FreeNAS server, and am currently migrating data across...sloooooowly! Due to the construction of our house, hard wired ethernet isn't an option. The old FreeNAS box is connected to the net work via a switch, which is connected via...
  13. FaithOnHuman

    [SOLVED] NAS build with i5 4460 - Worth It?

    Hey there! I was searching for a NAS (prebuild) to get in order to store and back up my files, I thought that creating my own NAS with parts I already have would be a much cheaper option. My build for the NAS (I already have these parts) is going to be CPU = I54460 RAM= 4gb ddr3 (2x2gb) MO =...
  14. C

    [SOLVED] Seagate 4-Bay NAS Shutting down at random

    HI All, I recently got a Seagate 4 Bay NAS. I am running it in JBOD. I currently have a 1Tb + 4tb + 4tb + 2 tb in it. Everything was running fine until I added the 2tb drive. Now it randomly shuts off after about 10 mins and the only way to turn it on is to unplug it at the wall and plug it...
  15. C

    [SOLVED] Seagate NAS 4-Bay Transfer Speeds

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2nd hand Seagate NAS, I am currently moving over my media from older drives to the NAS. I am experiencing really low transfer speeds though. I peak at about 11 mb/s, which means that my stuff will take a couple of DAYS to transfer over. I wasn't expecting my...
  16. jossshhhy

    [SOLVED] Adding a NAS to my home.

    Hello, I have a question about adding a NAS to my home. I currently have my Virgin Media router in modem mode and the Asus router I brought is connected to it upstairs. I want to add a NAS downstairs next to the Virgin Media router, is this a problem, and will it work.
  17. T

    Question Need some help figuring out the best way to move some of my network components around, any help appreciated

    [Moderator Edit to break up a solid paragraph and remove bold font.] Hi everyone, I am looking for some help so if you have any info please share, I'm going to explain what I'm trying to do and then hoping you can tell me if any of my ideas are possible or if you have better ideas please share...
  18. MoigenEugen

    [SOLVED] How do i access the data from my RAID Drives, which where in an array (High-Water Allocation Method RAID 0)?

    Hey guys, I would like to acess my data, but cant acess the drives. My situation: I set up my RAID 0 with high-water allocation method with 5 drives, 2x2TB and 3x1TB It was all just a normal PC with an unraid Boot Stick. I filled it up with 3,3TB of important files, windows backups etc. but I’m...
  19. Question RS3621xs+ write performance issue after restart

    Hi! After a fresh install of our Synology RS3621xs+ with 12xHAT5300 16TB the performence is good. Read: ~760MB/s Write: ~1GB/s Looks like this: But after restarting the server write performance drops and vary much more. Not very satisfying. We also have a Synology RS3617xs+ on the network...
  20. K

    [SOLVED] Write Speed on NAS through 10gbe network

    Hi guys, I can't figure this out and need some help. I have an Asustor Lockstore 8 NAS with a RAID 5 with 3 Seagate 16gb drives and beside that a m.2 Nvme Drive ( seagate Ironwolf 510 SSD ). I have conected my laptop through a USB C 10gbe RJ45 adapter with a CAT 7 cable directly to the 10GBE...
  21. A

    Question Lenovo ix2-NG NAS issue

    Lenovo ix2-NG NAS, set up as a RAID 1 NAS, operated for years without issue. Last week, one Seagate 2TB drive indicated degraded after periodic check, then failed after the ix2 attempted to automatically rebuild it. Other Seagate 2TB drive is intact, just lacks its RAID 1 mirror partner...
  22. X

    [SOLVED] Incredibly slow access time to NAS , Unreliable

    I have have an office where they are having a lot of connection issues with the Synology NAS. We have tried to setup things for optimal performance, but we apparently have a lot of work to do. There are 3 PC's in the office. Everything is hardwired to the router in the office through a 6 port...
  23. geckovic02

    [SOLVED] NAS Server | Which Linux and which NAS software?

    Hi! I'm really new into Linux and want to build myself a small Home/NAS server. The problem is that most of the NAS software I've seen (and understood) are OS's. So basically I install e.g. FreeNAS and that's it. There's the NAS server. But I want to use the server for other things aswell, like...
  24. L

    [SOLVED] 20 Pin Motherboard with 24 Pin PSU

    Hi all, I have a Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ and the power supply has failed on me. The connector from the PSU to the NAS is a 20 pin connector. As this is my only NAS I really need a way of powering it on to recover the data on the drives. I purchased a cheap PSU from eBay which had a 20+4 pin...
  25. sds20020024

    [SOLVED] 4k video editing off NAS on a Wifi 6 2.4Gbps LAN?

    Hello everyone This might seem a bit strange, but this setup is the only feasible solution I could think of. So this setup is going to be in an RV (recreational vehicle), a 25ft motorhome. The nas and the laptop cannot be in the same place, due to lack of space, and also the layout of the...
  26. S

    Question How to cancel or revert factory reset process on synology DS216Play?

    Hi everyone, I choosed to reinstall DSM 7.0 because of issues what I experienced, so I went into control panel and choosed the factory reset option, with erase all data. Now I changed my mind, because on the two 2TB hdd there could be some files, what I need though. I look over the internet for...
  27. B

    [SOLVED] Use internal hard drives as NAS without a full PC power on

    Is it possible to access mapped network drives without the whole PC running in the normal way? I've recently migrated my Plex Media Server to NVIDIA Shield Pro - I still need access to the hard drives on the PC to use the media, but wondered if there was some sort of 'pared down' setup I could...
  28. W

    [SOLVED] Worth getting Gigabit powerline over 500Mb or am I unlikely to reach those speeds?

    Hi all, I'm building my first desktop after being a laptop guy forever and I'm thinking about networking. I'm not in a place where I can run a direct line from the router so I thought about going down the Powerline route. That said, I'm actually planning to move in about 6 months so it might...
  29. khodex1997

    [SOLVED] Help with HDD Issue?

    I bought a 12tb easystore and it reads fine through windows so I shucked it and was going to put it in the NAS I am making. (Note: it also works fine through my inateck dock on my windows pc) But when I put it in my NAS alongside a 500gb ssd and another 12tb it doesn't show up. It doesn't even...
  30. M

    [SOLVED] When buying NAS, is it better to get one that supports btrfs?

    Hi, the Synology DS220j is on sale but it does not support btrfs. Is it better to buy a NAS with btrfs?
  31. I

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 network speed capped at 100mbps on Gigabit port

    Hi all, I've been trying to troubleshoot this issue for a couple of days now. I have a windows 10 PC that's got it's network port capped at 100mbps on a gigabit network port to my NAS. It's only a recent issue but I don't know what caused it. I've tried updating windows, the drivers from OEM...
  32. H

    Question Nothing sees Virtual Drives, can't install Windows to them. Help please?

    I'm working on a home-NAS and bought a Lenovo Serveraid M5110 to server as a RAID controller. The MOBO and CPU are from a DELL OPTIPLEX 7010, I3-3220. As of now I can access WebBios fine, and have setup a virtual disk from one hard drive as a test. It's set as the primary boot device as well...
  33. A

    [SOLVED] 10 MB/s Transfer rate from network drive

    Earlier this year I build a new windows 10 machine and used it as a low load NAS / Minecraft Server. For months things were fine. I would get an average transfer speed of 110 mb/s. Recently the speed has gotten worse and I am transferring at an average speed of 11 mb/s. Both computers are wired...
  34. S

    [SOLVED] Lenovo EMC2 NAS Storage Shared Folder Hide Settings

    Dear Community, We have NAS Lenovo EMC2 connected with AD. All users access their domain Id suername and password to access shared folder in this file server. As an admin, there are certain folders of ex-employees which contains alot of data that for some reason i can't delete but instead I...
  35. [SOLVED] Connecting Storage server to PC and Network independently

    Hi I've got an idea that I would connect my PC to my new network storage server, but upgrading it to 2.5gbs to be able achieve higher speeds. But I want also connect my PC and server to my network, so I can still have access to the internet on my PC + keep sharing this server on 1gb speed with...
  36. W

    [SOLVED] Can't Remote into NAS - Local works fine

    Hi all, I've been setting up a NAS this week to have as a media server and I'd like to be able to access it wherever I have internet. I've got a DDNS server and added all the port forwarding in my router and it all works if I'm connected to my home network. If I go to the DDNS server name in a...
  37. O

    [SOLVED] pre-SOLVED RPi (linux) mount ASUS router NAS

    NAS on an ASUS router ASSUMPTION 1: router is set up and running well and “Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk” is in its default state ASSUMPTION 2: router is at ip address (often it is at ASSUMPTION 3: Drive is to be mounted is labeled MyNASdrive ASSUMPTION 4...
  38. velocci

    Question Lost folder in QNAP TS-653D NAS

    Hi, anyone have a QNAP NAS? I recently bought my TS-653D. I have 2 Storage Pools, Storage Pool 1 and Storage Pool 2. Storage Pool 1 has my Config volume which is the system volume containing my apps. Storage Pool 2 has my Data volume containing my data. Inside my Data volume, I had a multimedia...
  39. velocci

    Question Ironwolf 14TB NAS hardrive sounds weird

    Hi all, I have an Ironwolf 14TB NAS hardrive and it sounds very different from other hardrives. I have Ironwolf 2TB NAS, Seagate 4TB NAS HDD and various 1TB desktop hardrives. This 14TB ironwolf NAS HDD sounds very different. sometimes it makes a sort of thumping sound. it doesn't sound...
  40. D

    [SOLVED] DIY NAS Build questions

    Hi, I'm considering a custom DIY NAS build solution and would appreciate your help. My needs: storage for family photos and videos, more than 15 years worth of photos and videos (currently on different external devices, backed up but it is becoming a mess to keep track of everything and...