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  1. S

    [SOLVED] mesh wifi system behind router , can't access nas anymore

    So a few years back i installed a netgear router (nighthawk 7500) for my fathers business. They recently added a new office space that's just out of reach of the netgears wifi range. So in order to provide better internet for the entire office and downstairs housing i installed a TP-LInk Whole...
  2. ExtreamChaozZ

    Question Small Form Factor NAS/Server Hosting Case

    Hiya, Im on the hunt for a new case that will serve the purpose of acting as a NAS with high storage as well as hosting game servers to reduce the stress of my main computer. While looking around i cant seem to find the "perfect" case that will suit my needs, with that in mind i was hoping i...
  3. A

    Question Converting old PC to DIY NAS

    I have a Dell Inspiron 570 that is no longer in use because I recently built a PC. I use a WD My Book Live as a NAS in my home network. I want to replace it with a newer NAS setup because although it is functioning perfectly, it is close to 9 years old. I'm wondering if I should buy a Synology...
  4. Simbahhh

    Question Network attached drives shows as offline after restart

    So i have a small local bussines of film making. For that i build 2 similar PC's. One has a 8700(non k), 1070 ,64gb ram 2666, on a asus prime 370+. The other one is a 7700(non k) also 64gb ram all paired with a 1060 on a strix B250f. I have a nas on which i store my files , so both pc can edit...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] Best way to setup ("layer"?) my firewall, VPN, NAS, Plex, etc on one PC through Windows 10/UnRaid

    I'm looking for a little advice on the best way to setup and "layer" what I'm trying to do with some of my networked components. I've got a rack that I've built a rack-mount Windows 10 PC into, mid-level i5 Intel CPU with a half dozen drives attached and connects to a KVM for...
  6. schnydz

    Question Best 2-drive NAS with cloud backup

    Hi Folks, Looking for a 2-drive NAS preferably with fire/water protection and ability to back up to 3rd party cloud storage like OneDrive. Any suggestions? Found the ioSafe 218 NAS ( ). I'm thinking since this uses Synology’s OS it may be possible to use its...
  7. Z

    Question NAS Software for Windows 10

    Are there any options for a NAS software that works with Windows 10? I know the NAS software NextCloud is popular, but it only works with Ubuntu Linux.
  8. L

    Question Synology DiskStation DS209j not connecting - Blinking Orange Status Light

    I've tried connecting the Synology through the Synology Assistant, and Neither one can find it. The status light is blinking orange as well, but I cannot get into the WebGUI to see what is specifically wrong. I have swapped out ethernet cables, I have plugged it into the...
  9. M

    Question Is my chosen hardware for my DIY NAS adequate?

    Hello I have choosen som hardware for a DIY NAS, and I want to know if it is adequate. I have a rack server, where I need to but another motherboard and CPU inside. With price in mind I have choosen to use the motherboard: MSI B450-A PRO MAX and CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X It has two RAM...
  10. A

    Question Nas on budget for to use FREEnas

    Hi People, I would like to learn how to use FreeNas with "hands on" this software, so I am considering building up a budget one. I would like to have some recommendations as I have the following spare parts at home: -NVMe Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250GB - Seagate HDD 2.5 500GB At the beginning, I...
  11. extreme_noob

    Question Raid Controller Compatibility

    I'm looking to use an old prebuilt as a NAS and I want to know whether I will have any compatibility issues with a pcie raid controller card on such on old system. It's an HP Compaq Pro 6300 SFF with i5 3470 and some Q75 Express chipset motherboard. I'll probably just run two drives in raid 1...
  12. R

    Question I need help with my NAS build

    Hi! I'm planning to build a NAS system and I need some advice. The system will be used mainly for local movie streaming in 4K and 1080p on Plex server. I would like to use Synology OS on it (my college uses a built NAS with this OS and he recommended it for me) I don't know if I should use...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Guidance needed about building home server

    We're looking to build a home server to be used for, steam web cache, file server (local and internet) and ripping and hosting Blu-ray's. The hardware we're thinking about at the moment is: CPU: athlon 3000g Ram: 24gb ddr4 Storage: 10600gb 15k sas + 120gb ssd Motherboard: Asus b450m micro...
  14. editor1

    Question How to make hdd warmer and moister free for outside server ?

    Hi I live in a non heated travel trailer(I like it cold) of about 37-49 frightening avg for winter. With fan on and virt placed hdd im my pc my wd blue 250gb is at 21 cel. My question is will the hdd's in this room get colder without fans on them ? I also don't know what is good operating temps...
  15. golan13

    [SOLVED] Can't connect to NAS behind unmanaged switch

    Hey guys, I'm new to networking and set up my home network like this- I have a tp-link modem/router. I connected an unmanaged tp-link switch to the LAN port on the router and connected a NAS and my PC to that switch. I set up static IP's for my NAS and my computer and can access the internet on...
  16. editor1

    Question external HDD undun file movement, copying and creation's

    Hi So my day started off with getting the 0x80070570 error. I could not move it but I could copy it. So I tried scanning with 2 different malware scanners, property's/tools Error checking, optimizer def-rag, CMD; chkdsk /f X :, sfc/scannow , DISM /online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth , and /Online...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] NAS with a non-proprietary file system

    Can anybody recommend a NAS with a non-proprietary file system? Other parameters are almost irrelevant. Trying to convince me to use anything with a proprietary file system is like asking a victim of violent crime to walk down a dark alley. Thanks, Mike
  18. C

    Question Home server/nas advice

    So basically I want a system that I can store all my data on for access from any device on the network with my permission but can also can support a p2p client, system will obviously be on 24/7. Now onto on hand hardware. I currently have 4or5 (can't remember) brand new 8tb hdd's here ready and...
  19. khodex1997

    [SOLVED] Home Server or NAS advice needed

    Hello I have an old pc sitting around just missing HDD's and a PSU (Here's the rest: link) I wasn't sure which I should make, a home windows 10 server or a NAS. The idea of having a small box that acts as a NAS that I can hook up to my UPS sounds really nice but at the same time it would be...
  20. Aarix

    [SOLVED] ANY strictly LAN activity renders anything else (Such as Internet) unusable.

    Okay so I have 2 custom built computers, one for my Desktop, another for my NAS. Both have a 1gbps NIC. The NAS is running Windows server 2016 and the desktop is running Windows 10 Pro. I have an Arris modem/router combo. Whenever ANYTHING happens that involves anything moving files back and...