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  1. C

    Question Game keeps minimizing back to desktop at the same time each day

    Hi, I run in Windows 10. I also participate in an online sim racing league every Mondays and Wednesdays using NASCAR Racing 2003 season Over the past 2 weeks I have been experiencing a strange situation where at 20:56 exactly, my game will go black screen for a few seconds before returning me...
  2. C

    Asus Maximus x hero wi fi errors

    I just finished building my first pc and it seems to be working but I get several errors on the board. Asus Maximus X Hero with wi fi i7 8700k Two Samsung NVMe 960 Pro GeForce gtx 980 Corsair h150 pro AIO G.Skill DDR4 3200 8G Ram x2 The errors are 27, 29, 30,33,34,35 Also if I use the XMP...
  3. D

    high idle gpu power draw

    i says 30 w idle gpu power draw . my gpu is sappgire pulse rx 580 8g
  4. S

    Surface tablet keyboard typing random letters.

    My tablet keyboard was working for one day and then suddenly stopped working the next. Its one that can attach and detach from the tablet. I checked and made sure it was not any language option that was wrong, and also tried pressing the function key and the caps lock key together, but it...
  5. K

    Can an R7 240 output HDTV in RGB?

    XFX R7 240A CLF2 graphics card in a Windows 7 PC. I have an unusual display - an older Sony plasma that will accept HDTV formats - either 1080i or 720p on the RGB input. When I go into the Catalyst Control center, on the RGB output there is no option for 1080i HDTV format output, and when I try...
  6. B

    cant fined usb drivers plz help

    hey guys i have almost finished my pc build and am trying to get the drivers for it i am installing windows 8.1 64 bit and went to asus website and downloaded the chip set LAN and audio drivers i needed but cant fined usb drivers for the 8.1 version of windows but they have it for the windows 7 ones
  7. I

    Will this power supply work with this card?

    So im getting a GTX 760 Superclocked and im wondering if this power supply will work with it. Graphics Card: Power supply...
  8. bobowyc

    Desktop Screen Flickering

    As I have mentioned in my title, I am experiencing flickering desktop. Especially when I am in Chrome and sometimes when playing games. It just recently happened, about a week ago. I was browsing through Chrome when suddenly the screen flickers. Question is, is it my PSU or is it my GPU which is...
  9. O

    $700 or less gaming pc help!!

    Hey all, I am going to be building a PC but as I just realized with my $700 budget is that I not only will be playing lots of games like Planetside 2, Fallout, Skyrim and Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion But I also need to be able to model, code and render animations. I do not need to run games...
  10. J

    Canon MG4150 Margins

    I am printing photographs for proofing on a Canon MG4150. My problem is that the image is not properly centred suggesting a binding margin has been set. I have set the binding margin to zero, but the problem still occurs. Any ideas as to how to solve this, please? Many thanks, Jenny
  11. G

    Epic Quest Ideas sought

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I was just reading through some old Dungeon Mags tonight, planning for the next time I DM, and a thought occurred to, based on the last scenario I looked at... Details on the party make-up and background are at the very end of my message...
  12. V

    March 2013 $500 canadian budget gaming rig

    Hello everyone, this is a first post regarding my first ever homebuilt gaming rig. I have been doing research for a few months and i have been slowly gathering the confidence and know how to begin this project. So here is what I have chosen to work with thus far, i am looking for the completed...
  13. V

    Simple PC For Non-Gamer

    Hello to everybody, this is one of my first questions. I am building a desktop for myself(after my xps m1530 mobo got fried). I am not a gamer. but i use multi-tasking extensively most of the time Photoshop,Visual Studio 2010 and 15 chrome windows/tabs are open at the same time. I watch videos...
  14. G

    New to all of this

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.work_remotely (More info?) I have no idea what I am doing here? I am trying to set-up remote access from my home computer to the one in my new office at my new job. Since the new job consists of three other computer illiterate people, I have...
  15. G

    Dodgy dvdr/rw

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.perform_maintain (More info?) My dvd and cdr/rw will record from the computer but when i try to play from them to the computer nothing shows on the screen and no sound as well the device manager lists them as working ok, i have them set as...
  16. V

    Gaming setup above $1000

    Hi, I've found myself in somewhat of a predicament. First of all, I would like to make it clear that I currently live in Morocco (I do not have access to all hardware nor am i able to order parts online for a custom build). So this is what my problem is (lol): My brother and I, who are both...
  17. G

    [DoomRL] YADC - my second win

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Finally getting around to posting my second win, which was awhile ago. Most noteworthy part is that supplies were good, although one item especially seemed plentiful. Pretty much waiting for new version, now, and playing other games...
  18. T

    Why Not Intel Mbd for C2D?

    I've been reading ASUS mbd for C2D, why not use intel mbd for C2D?
  19. G

    My archeologist just found a randomly-generated Grayswandir

    Archived from groups: (More info?) She even found it in the home dungeon. Aranth spent the early game building up her skill in silver saber in the hopes of getting it as a sacrifice gift, but it never happened so she just had to make due with Excalibur. I was even...
  20. M

    Please Rate my RIG 1 lowest 10 highest with you opinion and wh

    Hi guys, this is my first post in these forums, and it looks like there are many experts here , however, i wanted the chance to ask you if this is a good GAMING desktop, as i still didn't purchase the components... Please provide your opinion and what components , if any, need to be changed?? I...