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  1. Y

    Build Advice Need help picking parts.

    I was thinking of getting a budget gaming PC and i could use some help picking parts. From what i've seen, the best GPU i can get for my buck seems to be the RX 570 (closest price-wise is the GTX 1650). As for other parts, i'm at a loss. I'd like to spend as little as possible on parts without...
  2. ineedhelppleaseu

    [SOLVED] (Help) Pc suddenly turns off when being used ?

    Hi I created an account here for help, A month ago i built my pc with a help of my Cousin. A week ago, Saturday, I moved my pc to my uncle's home because i needed internet connection (yes i dont have internet connection because my isp havent installed it yet), after i installed everything i...
  3. TheBloodCold


    English: Hello, could someone help me? I need the bios of the asus sabertooth x99 because if I download it from the official page it gives me an error in the programmer (CH341 USB PROGRAMMER) if I do it from the flashback it supposedly does the process but nothing happens. The main problem is...
  4. O

    Question Ryzen 7 2700 does not boost

    Hello everyone, I encountered a problem, When playing games or while idle, I noticed that my 2700 does not boost itself to the 4.1 GHz that it's supposed to do, it just stays at 3350 all the time. I tried all putting it to balanced performance mode instead of Ryzen's balanced mode. My pc spec...
  5. W

    Question I really need help finding a good monitor (I'm getting seriously stressed out!)

    Why I'm upgrading: I only want dual-monitors. I had this but then one broke. Sadly the monitors I own aren't really available anymore, so I can't replace the broken one even if I wanted to. They're super old anyways. The color accuracy is non-existent and they really make my eyes hurt so I'm way...
  6. F

    [SOLVED] First Custom Loop. Need help with components.

    Hello! I just registered here in order to find some help regarding my project. In a few days I will start to build a custom water cooling loop for the new PC of my brother. He has a budget of 4-5k USD, so I'm kinda free which components I am getting. So far I selected all components besides...
  7. Nokkie

    Question Big problem, little China

    Hello people of the internet! I have a major problem. Like most. I had purchased and installed a new processor and cooler combo. Installed them. Powered the system on. Everything but my two monitors (DVI and HDMI) and keyboard power on. After trying everything every forum said to do .. including...
  8. J

    Build I planned for low cost ( First post )

    This is my first post. I plan build the following PC with limited funds. A friend suggested me this site for reviews/opinions. What are ur thoughts of components and how will they do together: PC Case: Motherboard...
  9. K

    Gigabyte h61m-d2s 3rd gen compatibility?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for upgrade paths for my lga1155 board from i3 2100. I was looking at i7 2600. Lately, I stumbled upon an info that with correct bios, my board can support even i7 3770. So can anyone confirm this for me before I buy something. Here's the info Gigabyte H61M-DS2 ver 5.0...
  10. N

    Getting an external hard drive

    On Newegg CAD there is a deal for an external hard drive: What realy caught my eye was it's only 13.99 CAD and it's usually 22.99 CAD. Is it a terrible hard drive or, can I use it to back up my hard drive? Thanks: Nathan
  11. WalterDisney

    Case fans not spinning?

    Hello everyone. i just built a new PC, and for some odd reason the case fans just refuse to spin. CPU fan runs fine. I'm using a Gigbayte GA Z270P D3 MOBO, and the case I bought is a Corsair SPEC 02. Any suggestions?
  12. O

    ı lost my starcraft 2 cd and customer support cant do anything wşthout the box. not even if ı show the cd itself

    ı just entered a live chat with supprot and the kept saying that ı need to send them the cd key. cd doesnt work and ı lost the box itself. is there a way for me to fşnd it on my computer? askng this because for some reason on my main and alt acocunt it says that ı need to upgrade my copy of sc2...
  13. M

    Is this supposed to happen when you upgrade your RAM?

    I upgraded my RAM to 8GB and I went to check my Video RAM because I was curious to see if I would get more or not and I did. I used to have 512MB of Video RAM but now I have 1024MB of Video RAM. Is that supposed to happen when you upgrade your RAM?
  14. Z

    Need better graphics cards?

    I do a lot of CAD and video rendering. Worth the money to upgrade graphics cards & to what? ROG Crosshair V Formula-z MOBO AMD FX-8370 8-core Black Edition CPU CoolMaster 1000W RS-A00-EMBA PSU ASUS PB278Q 2560 X 1440 2 XFX Radeon HD 6950 in Crossfire
  15. J

    SAME problem ASUS Notebook

    I'm new to Tom's Guide, so forgive me if I am posting this incorrectly. I am having the exact same problem w/ my ASUS notebook. I am wondering if when you removed the battery, etc, above, did you do this on an electrostatic mat? Were you concerned w/ being grounded?... I am just trying to read...
  16. F

    Windows 10 startup issues: ntoskrnl.exe

    General info: Win10, presumably version 1607 ( updated a few days ago) Hi guys,  Im having problems booting up my pc. It displays the image seen in this imgur album: It tells me about ntoskrnl.exe and error code 0xc0000098. As mentioned in the imgur album, I...
  17. L

    PCI E x8 (in x16 slot) max power draw.

    I have a motherboard that has only one PCI E x16 slot. This slot has 8 lanes in. Will the max power draw for this slot still 75W or will it be the lower 25W that PCI E x8 slots are limited to. (Note that the slot uses PCI E x8 2.0 technology). I am asking because I am looking to buy a GTX 750ti...
  18. J

    Any solutions to a 04/D4 error code?

    I keep getting a D4/04 error code on my Asus ROG Maximus viii hero mobo. It was working fine earlier today until.I turned it off. Then when I tried to turn it on tonight I get a 04 or D4 error code and it doesn't post. I have tried a variety of solutions including reseating CPU and RAM...
  19. J

    Is my GPU idle temperature too high?

    Hey guys ive just noticed since my installed my new parts my GPU has gone up in temperature while idle. Ive been using google and file explorer on my main monitor and skype on my second monitor with steam open in the background. my gpus been at around 50 degrees Celsius. Just wanted to check if...
  20. Name4Game

    Can you buy windows 7 and get a free upgrade to windows 10?

    Been trying to wrap my head around this for a minute. Building my first PC and I want windows 10 but it costs almost 100, could it be possible to get windows 7 priced at 60 and get the free upgrade to windows 10?