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  1. I

    Question Neewer Nw-800

    So I wanna buy a microphone, found an amazing one(Neewer Nw-800) and I have a dell Optiplex 9020 refurbished and modified, On my computer I have added 8 gb ram which makes it 16 gb ram ddr3 with a intel core i7 4790 and a 2tb hddall added with a gtx 1050 low profile (non t i) I have not...
  2. J

    Question Will The mic pick up sound from my open back headset?

    I’m planning to get philips SHP9500 open back headset for 68$ but it doesn’t come with a microphone so I will get he neewer nw-800 for 20$ and I’m worried that the mic might pick up voice from the headset especially as it’s open back and the voice can get out of it easily. Is there any kind of...
  3. daedae23

    Question How to fix Nw 7000 mic

    Ive had the mic for abt a month, then recently even with phantom power i can only hear static i cant hear my self, i dont know if its the computer or the mic or the phantom power can somebody please help😞