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    Question Advice needed for liquid cooling setup (possible negative pressure scenario for lack of intake fans)

    I've been researching on cooling and proper case airflow recently to get the most bang out of my buck for cooling. My current setup consists of i5-13600 KF, Zotac RTX 3080 Ti AMP Extreme Holo and a Z690 UD DDR4 Motherboard. I'm currently using a Deepcool AG620 air cooler and the stock fans from...
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    [SOLVED] Odd fan issue

    Got what I think is a unique situation here. Got a new case. Needed one with enough room for two 240x120mm radiators for my cpu and gpu coolers. Got a Rosewill Rise case. Cheap and easy. I made a decision up front that I didn't want the the fans drawing air through the radiators and blowing that...
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    Question Second Graphics Card Not Detected

    I recently bought a GTX 1070 to replace my old 770. Originally I didn't know what to do with it so I just stored it away. However, I use my PC for rendering and after some searching I discovered that I could use both my new 1070 and old 770 together (I use Daz Studio). I threw the 770 back in my...
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    I want to upgrade my pc what should i do : BUY new one or take new parts ( intel core ,etc.) for the old one ?

    Looking for a good gaming pc balanced buget ( not to hight : price, but not low : performance )
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    Rx480 No Input Detected

    Hi all, I recently purchased a rx480 4gb. Upon installation I have no input detected. I flashed my BIOS and uninstalled old drivers, still no luck. Is the issue the Power supply? PC runs fine when I don't put the 6/8pins into the GPU. It's only when I plug in the 6/8pins that my screen goes...
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    New build help/No video ouput

    so, decided to take a jump into pc gaming. Got myself a new build. Msi Z170 gaming pro Intel i5 6600k Corsair h100i cooler Asus gtx 970 turbo 1 x 8gb corsair lpx vengence RAM 2TB seagate HDD And a nzht white s340 case with their 550W haleb82 v2 psu. Have pretty much everything plugged in, hdmi...
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    Mouse works in bios but not in Windows.

    So I recently re-installed Windows (kept my files) and since then the keyboard works fine but the mouse only works in the bios. There isn't even a pointer on the screen. It doesn't appear in the device manager either. Not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated
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    Windows Defender vs Windows Essentials on laptop with windows 8.1

    on my laptop 8.1 I have windows defender and in my program list it show windows essentials. Can I remove windows essentials and will windows defender remain?