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  1. R

    Forgot my password. How do I get into me hp laptop?

    Forgot password for my laptop. How do I get in?
  2. B

    the asus prime b350m-a OR - E

    so the asus prime b350m-a OR - E have the bios for the ryzen 2400g without needing a update plz answer :( ??????
  3. B

    Assassin creed origin die from just 2 hit

    Ok so in ac origin i have a mission called * secrets of the first... So i went there and there i have 4 guys riding there horse and they put an yellow icon i think it means to kill them so i went there and want to fight and they killed with just 2 hits? And the game is on easy mode? How so ? How...
  4. F

    Can't access bios

    This computer was custom made like 5 years ago. I always were able to access bios. But today I have been trying all day to access bios but I haven't been able. I don't remember the motherboard model and for some reason in System information is says model not available. Is an Asus mother board...
  5. M

    Asus Maximus VIII motherboard compatible with Corsair Vengeance RGB?

    My motherboard is an Asus ROG MAXIMUS VIII FORMULA DDR4 ATX Motherboard and my proposed RAM will be Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3200 (PC4-25600) CMR32GX4M4C3200C16. I am aware that this certain RAM is not in the QVL (qualified vendors list) of my motherboard but i wanna ask if...
  6. N

    Cascade router redirect with error code -1

    Hello, i used this guide to configure my 2 routers to work in the same subnet. Everything works almost well except some website doesn't work if try to acces them from slave router with error message and a redirect to empty page with d-link logo ...
  7. S

    mhz vs ran latency

    I was looking at two different pairs of ram sticks and since they are of a similar price I wanted to know which was would be better for my ryzen 5 1600x. first 3600mhz and C18 or 3000mhz and C15 Thank you for the help!
  8. iaminvis

    USB Ports Not working

    Yesterday, I changed the system locale from English to Korean to see the Korean subtitles on my computer. After the computer restarted, I got to the Windows log in screen and noticed that my keyboard and mouse did not respond. They are Razer Blackwidow Ultimate and Razer Death Adder (both USB)...
  9. T

    ran a system install disk by accident now it doesn't run

    I accidentally ran a windows 7 install disc on my hard drive which already had all of my data on it, now it wont load windows 10 normally.
  10. D

    Air flow H700i

    Hi need some help! I have bought nzxt H700i and Kraken x72. The H700i Came with 4 fans, 3 RGB and 1 normal fan. What is the best setup for the air flow a. Should i do the Kraken x72 in front of cabinet 3 RGB fan on top that Will put Cold air inside and the rear fan to take out warm air! Or is...
  11. R

    deepcool air cooler

    deepcool gammax gt rgb 'will fit into my pc? i5-7400 1050ti msi 8gb ram cune gaming luxe casing
  12. D

    Computer restart itself after 30 seconds, display shows windows loading screen then loops to beginning

    My cousins 5 year old pc does this restarting loops. I opened case, clean a lot of dust from Psu and other parts. Re-paste cpu and check all the fans are working properly, except Psu which I assume starts after a while. Start pc, bios shows up, display working, windows loading screen shows up...
  13. W

    Best tools for transferring OS between SSDs

    Hi there, I'm purchasing a new SSD to replace my older one, which doesn't have enough space on it. It's my boot drive and I'm just wondering what the best method/tool to transfer my OS and all my data from my old SSD to my new one is. Thanks for the help in advance!
  14. P


    I got the Gigabyte Z370XP SLI. Can I choose from DDR4 SDRAM & DDR4 RAM? Or can I only use one kind?
  15. S

    International call making

    How can i call an idea no Presentlky in dubai from india
  16. C

    SSD main drives and have HDD as backup storage?

    I want to know if it's possible to have my computer run on ssd's and save files on them but in the background it will save copies or a backup on hdd without slowing down the speed of the ssd's, so if the ssd would fail, I would have the files saved on the hard drives. I was thinking a raid but...
  17. B

    Wifi Adapter Replacement Compatibility

    Hello, I have an old Toshiba Satellite c650 (PSC12C-05U00S) that I've re-purposed and I want top replace the wifi card in it to something newer that supports faster wifi speeds and Bluetooth. However everything i'm reading tells me that the BIOS might affect what I can use to replace it and i'm...
  18. A

    Screen blanks out and fans go crazy

    Hello, As I've said in the title I have an issue. Recently my PC started doing that too often.Screen goes black and fans go crazy for absolutely no reason (at least none I can see). Sometimes it does that in the windows login (this happens too often), sometimes gaming, sometimes netflix. My PC...
  19. I

    New PC gets very low frames

    I recently bought a new PC, I tested it's frame rate once on a game before I left for work (I tested it on ARK Survival Evolved) I got over 100fps. Now all of a sudden I get around 8 FPS and every game is laggy. SPECS Windows 10 64-bit Intel Core i7-8700k 3.70GHz 8.00GB DDR4 Single memory stick...
  20. J

    pc help needed

    hello guys i need help with my pc. few days ago my computer started randomly reatarting and now when i start it up i get to automatic repair help over and over again and i cant skip that. i tried reinstalling my windows and it keeps happening. One time i got it to the homescreen and it...