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    Question 10Gb Network Card crashing ?

    Has anyone ever experienced their 10Gb network card crashing? I've had the same issue over 4 or 5 PC's and on different 2 switches! What happens is, the system will be working fine for days, then the all network traffic stops on the card, the IP address stays the same. The only way to resolve...
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    [SOLVED] Problem with Linksys EA8300 only connecting to wan at 100mbps

    So after Spectrum (my internet provider) came and checked to make sure they were delvivering 400 Mbps to my cable modem and Vefied that Cat 6 cable connect to modem to router was also getting 400 mbps then he did test on router (EA8300) it was only 90 MBPS So never trusting anyone i connected my...