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  1. Question Frequent disconnects over ethernet when gaming since changing router ?

    Hey guys, I have been suffering from very annoying issue is that sometimes my Realtek 2.5GbE gaming family controller adapter disconnects by itself then comes again causing me disconnections in online games ALOTTT, I cant even complete 1 game, so I downloaded the realtek diagnostic tool and did...
  2. stormtrance

    Question Home Network Connecting Ethernet - No - Wireless - Yes

    I admit that networking is not my forte in the least. I can do the standard sharing folders, checking permissions, etc but it doesn't extend past that. So when I can usually communicate with my second laptop in my house from my Windows 11 to Windows 10 all of a sudden stops, I'm a bit lost. I...
  3. BurberryCheesecake

    Question High ping on one game only

    I am from PH and the servers that I play on Sandstorm are either from SG or Taiwan and since Nov 2021 I've been able to play on 40-90 ping up until 3 weeks ago where my ping is constantly above 300. I tried to reset my router and reinstalled my network drivers to no avail. How do I know what the...
  4. Mk782001

    [SOLVED] Drive sharing not working?

    Hey, first of all i apologize if the name is vague and the tags aren't right, i have no idea what words to use specifically. Soo the thing is I've been using the Sharing system of windows over my wifi to my other PCs and phones (both PCs accessing each other, 2-3 of their respective drives are...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Why is one of my computers internet so slow?

    I pay for 400mbps download and 20 upload. On my main computer I only get 40mbps download wired and wifi. On my other computer I get about 450mbps wired and about half that on wifi. I do not know why. Any feedback would be appreciated. I already did the basic troubleshooting things like...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] How can I print from two networks?

    So I have two routers at home. Router1 is directly from my ISP, and router2 runs off of router1. The printer is connected to router1. How should I go about getting the devices on router2 to use the printer?
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Connecting 2 Computers

    Is there a way to connect these 2 computers together on a local network using the current setup? I've looked up tutorials on youtube but couldn't seem to find the right video.
  8. H

    [SOLVED] Is deco M5 enough for big user and company ?

    Hello, we want to upgrade our WIFI Connection currently we are using three router, so it has three WIFI Connection, but it really is bad. our company is a retailer it only has one floor but its pretty huge more than 300m length is more than 200 Meter, our sales use a smartphone to scan our...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Extended Cat 7 slow speed

    Hi, I recently extended my ethernet cable from my living room to my room using the following Cat 7 Ethernet cable but the speed I get is around 100mbps whilst the speed I get directly from the router is around 800mbps. The cable is connected to my main router which is a Lynksis WHW0303 and I am...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] Following a BSOD , cannot connect to internet and forces a Windows reinstall

    Hi All! I've been dealing with a somewhat frustrating issue for the past several months and have tried almost everything I can think of to resolve it, yet still no luck. To begin, I have been getting fairly frequent BSOD which I am also trying to debug, but I'll save the debugging of that for a...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] Increase wifi speed.

    Hi, How can I increase the coverage of my WIFI without losing too much speed? Currently I have this wifi extender Tenda PH5 AV1000 Wi-Fi Powerline Adapter Kit with Gigabit Ports, Wi-Fi Powerline Extender, Plug and Play, for HD/3D/4K Video Streaming and Gaming , UK Plug Version, White...
  12. Moth254KF

    [SOLVED] My ethernet cable keep desconecting

    I just replaced my ethernet cable a few days ago, but now often suddenly my ethernet conection just goes away. The cable is in perfect conditions, Maybe is the modem? or I damaged the lan port from my mobo?
  13. M

    Question wireless lan is curropting every single file i download and the other one disconnects at random

    so i was using a wifi catcher or whatever but happened is it started disconnecting at random i bought another one still the same issue i reinstalled windows still the problem was ghone but with the older adapter the newer one was still of no use and now after running into a problem i had to...
  14. C

    Question Horrendous rubber banding COD

    Been playing COD MW since release and for the past week I have been experience some chronic rubber banding throughout all times off the day (off peak internet traffic and on). My network is on average 50up 20down and 3ms ping (ethernet connection) and i regularly check for driver updates. I...
  15. A

    Question Getting disconnected from the enternet every few seconds

    Hello! I have this issue that i'm connected to the enternet and every few seconds,the connection stops but it doesn't disconnect me from the network(i am using a cable). pls help
  16. R

    [SOLVED] Can malware/virus be spread through screen sharing?

    Hey! Basically asking what the title says. My girlfriend is worried her new laptop will be infected by my laptop, given I've a virus, when watching a movie using some sort of screen sharing. I told her that is not going to happen since we're not on the same network, but I'm actually not...
  17. Chris Meli

    [SOLVED] Two Different Network Connections to one Computer

    Hey! I am having a question. My computer has one Network running from an ethernet port and a second Network from a wifi receiver. ( Both have different Internal IP)Everything is working fine but it just gets a little laggy when users transfer data from that second connection (because its...
  18. Ab3s

    [SOLVED] Something weird happened.

    So i was playing with my friend Rocket League earlier when the party was suddenly destroyed. We didn't mind and went on. The very next match we had like 200 ping (we usually have around 30). Then all of a sudden we both got disconnected from rl, Steam altogether and Discord. The network didn't...
  19. R

    [SOLVED] Wifi won't connect on my laptop

    Hello. I recently just gave my mum my old laptop and shes being having this problem recently. It shows our wifi in the wifi settings menu but when I try to connect to it it says 'Unavailable to connect' Ive tried updating the drivers through device management and uninstalling them but nothing...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] wireless adapter

    I bought an tp link TL-WN822N V5 wireless adapter.i need this to be used as well as repeater. In v1 v2 v3 they given tp-link utility where we can use as repeater in soft AP mode .But in v5 they haven't given any utility. can someone help me how to use this v5 as repeater. Thankyou :giggle:
  21. DaveTheAirman

    [SOLVED] Packets Stop Receiving (Ping Spikes) Every 30 Seconds

    Packets stop receiving every 31-33 seconds exactly every time on the spot consecutively for 24/7. There is not a single thing I haven't tried other than connecting to another network which in my case won't fix the issue. To begin with I have an Omen. (Link to purchase...
  22. F

    Question Portforwarded on ipv4 address yet ports stay closed

    2 months ago I port forwarded to host a minecraft server. I went to play on the server again however it would not work. I deleted my port forwarding rules and reapplied them yet it still would not work. I tested to see if my ports were open on testing sites and it said the ports were closed. I...
  23. A

    Question can not connect tv and pc with wired connection

    Hello, I have brand new samsung smart tv q6 series 65, and i just bought brand new router ( because old one cant really play 4k). I used to put my pc and tv into wired connection ( with network cable cat 7) but after upgrade my pc or phone no longer see my tv ( when i go up to my router...
  24. editor1

    Question What should I do about cleaning network ?

    Hi I had a home invasion and no items stolen. There was evidence that the person sat down in pc chair. My acct's have been messed with. I keep all of my accts and passwords on a text file. So its either data theft or keyloggers. I have OMV NAS(Odroid SBC), 2 tablets, mifi Router(at&t cellular...
  25. aneeksiddiki

    Question Computer slows down whole network whenever connect to router

    I am facing this problem for a couple of days. I use a laptop and I connect it with an USB wireless dongle. For a few days my internet connection gets slow whenever I connect my pc to router. Not only my internet gets down, everyone connected to the router is also faces same and if I ping...
  26. S

    Question How do i change my router WAN to be as same as the ip on whatsmyip

    So i want to portforward but it seems i have a 'private' ip from isp on the router how do i change to a public ip if its possbile without calling isp
  27. Pizza PowerXYZ

    [SOLVED] Does 568a work with 568b above 1gb speeds?

    I've been searching online for hours and cant find anything My motherboard is a msi x470 gaming plus and uses 568a ethernet And the cat7 cable I want uses 568b I keep on seeing that "if the cable is above 1gb you dont need a crossover cable" I also heard that any cable over 1gb uses all wires...