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  1. NoobMuch

    Question [Higher Ping Issue] Old work PC gets better ping than my new PC

    Problem: I got a gaming pc during Christmas, I got a prebuilt called "HP Pvallion gaming desktop". Ever since I got it I noticed it gets higher ping than my old computer. I have them both on the same internet and both are using ethernet, the problem is that on games there is a ping difference...
  2. J

    Question 100Mbps instead of 1Gbps

    Hello! As the title says, the wired network on my PC says and works at 100Mbps when it used to do 1Gbps. The setup is Modem-->Router-->PC. Both cables (Modem-Router & Router-PC) are cat6. I unplugged the cable from my pc and tried it on my laptop and works flawlessly at 1Gbps, no other setup...
  3. A

    Question Network Problem After Installing Graphic Card

    Hello, before installing AMD rx 570 my network was fine. after installing it I couldn't connect to internet any more, any connection to wifi network was failed. So I somehow tethered my mobile data and downloaded the graphics drivers. After Graphics drivers were installed I tried to connect my...
  4. geek123

    Question Weird WiFi camera problem

    Hello all and Hope everyone is staying safe OK so here is the issue. I am using 5 Dragon Touch OD10 WiFi Security Cameras. All are outdoor. I have Comcast Gigabit My Modem is a Netgear Nighthawk CM2050v and Router is a RBR50V2 with a satellite. During the day I maintain average speeds of...
  5. matthughes

    [SOLVED] Wireless networking issue on 1 PC in network

    Hello. First time poster here so please excuse any mistakes. I have been experiencing this issue on my desktop PC for 4 weeks now. It appears to have started randomly. My PC is getting severe lag spikes and moments for a minute or two where my wireless network card can't detect any networks...
  6. STUKguy

    Question Gigabyte network issue

    Hi, I have 1x gigabyte linksys switch which feeds into another gigabyte linksys switch with CAT 6 cable then into my pb with has a gigabite network port and also into my Nas which has a gigabyte network card in it but when transferring to it I only ever seem to get 30/40Mbs transfer speed. Is...
  7. mutatiohn

    [SOLVED] Slow Network Speed when Gaming but not Anything Else

    I'm having an issue with my network speed where I have extremely low speeds when I play any game but my speeds are normal when streaming videos and browsing. In my task manager my network speed doesn't go higher than .5 Mbps when playing games but when I open 5 tabs on a browser all playing...
  8. lucifer kobiashi

    Question new pc build throttling wifi

    i built a new pc 2 days ago and everything was fine till i tried to download a game and it was taking forever so i ran and and im getting 16mbs and than ran it on my phone and got 250mbs which is my plan i have all drivers installed and up to date im using windows 10 64bit PLEASE...
  9. G

    Best GPU for my pc

    I have a hp slimline 280 p029il desktop pc. Am I able to install a graphics card in it? If yes, then which should I buy?
  10. W

    Will my gpu support 144hz

    Hello I'm thinking of purchasing an Asus v248qe monitor. My gpu is a geforce gtx 950 2GD5T OC and I'm wondering if they are compatible. I will be playing cod4 at 250FPS.