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    Question Ideas for Upgrade

    Hi everyone, I've posted in some other threads before on upgrading my PC. I got a new GPU not too long ago which works fairly well for what I'm doing. Recently, I got interested in new parts to boost performance a bit. I'll give a full list on my ideas and show what I already have. I'll take any...
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    PC shuts down suddenly, starts up automatically in a while.

    Hi experts Rig: Gigabyte 78lmt-usb3 Mobo 2014 Fx6300 cpu 2014 Crosair vs650 psu 2014 Kingston hyperx fury 8gb 2016 Kingston ssd 240gb 2015 MSI GTX 1060 2017 1 tb WD hdd 2014 It started yesterday when suddenly while watching youtube the system turned off (like a regular shutdown prompting to...