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    [SOLVED] Drives appear in BIOS storage configuration butwill not show up in the boot order.

    I've just built a PC for the first time, and upon turning it on and attempting to boot it from my m.2 ssd, the drive won't show up in the boot order. I thought it was an issue with the ssd, but upon connecting the hard drive from my old PC (which I cloned the ssd from), that wouldn't show up...
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    Question What is going on? I need help

    AMD 3600/ 16gb of Corsair vengeance/ MSI B550 GAMING PLUS/ RTX 2060 SUPER PART 1 Ok so I built this computer today and it was going great, I updated windows in till it said there are no more updates I updated the bios and the chipset all the things, Later tonight I go to get on and use it a...
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    [SOLVED] Overclocking my ram

    i am looking to overclock my pny anarchy ddr4 2133 MHz ram. i currently have XMP which is OCing it to 2400 MHz. can i boost that any more or is that maxed out? newby looking for some help thanks all. Specs z170 Progaming i7 6700k 4.8 ghz 1.4hz 4x8 pny anarchy 2400mhz 1.2hz geforce gtx 2080ti
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    Question i have my os in a ssd can i buy new ssd and use it as a storage space with out any system installation

    sorry for my bad grammar. hello, i want to know if i can buy a new ssd and use it as a storage space i corntlly using a 250gb kingston with i installed my os on it and a hdd 1tb for storage my 1tb hdd is full, can i plug and play with my new samsung 860 qvo 2tb ssd that i'm gonna buy?