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  1. Z

    Question PSU and GPU compatability

    Hi all, This is my first completely independent PC build, and I'm afraid I may have run into some component compatibility issues. My GPU (Nitro 5700xt) requires two 8 pin connections, however my PSU (Seasonic Focus 750) only has one PCI/E output. Here is the PSU page link...
  2. T

    Question What Power Supply should I get?

    I'm pretty new to PC building, and the whole PSU system is confusing to me. I would be great to see what wattage PSU I would need, and about any reputable brands/models. CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G Mobo: ASRock B450M-HDV R4.0 RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V series (1 x 8) SSHD: Firecuda 1TB 7200 RPM Any...
  3. Pruuph

    Question New build, no display

    Hey guys, I have just finished my build 2 days ago. When I power up the pc all system/cooler fans turn on led works, and the gpu spins up, but I get no display, screen just stays black. I have checked all wires, removed and reattached them. Cmos and jumper reset. Removed everything piece by...
  4. F

    [SOLVED] Dell Preparing Automatic Repair Loop

    So recently I tried to install new ram into my computer that was of the same size m, frequency, and it was the exact same model but it came in separate packages. Once I plugged it in, they were recognized by the computer but the computer worked a bit slower and my gpu update wouldn’t work as...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Which option should I go with?

    So I'm a first-time pc builder/part chooser and I'm not quite sure which one of these to go for I've compiled them into pc part picker and I'll link them, but on the left is 3 options of parts. Any help on which would be good. The only difference is storage levels but I don't know whether to go...
  6. insaneturtlefish

    Question New Summer build *assistance needed*

    PCPartPicker Part List All of these prices are in PLN, and not actually $ Type|Item|Price :----|:----|:---- CPU | Intel - Core i5-8600K 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor | $1139.00 CPU Cooler | Deepcool - Castle 240 RGB 69.34 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler | $489.00 Motherboard | Asus - TUF B360-Pro Gaming...
  7. TotallyWafflez

    Question Oppinions on my first ever PC build?

    Will be using for 1080p 60fps high to max settings. A few frame drops in AAA titles to 45fps or higher is fine. Streaming 720p 30fps to 1080p 60fps depending on the game (still playing at 1080p 60fps). Video editing 1080p footage. Photo editing 4K files. VR with the oculus rift S (haven't...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] Can I build my pc until my RAM arrives?

    So I ordered some RAM that will arrive this Monday, i have the rest of the parts on hand. Can I build the rest of the system early so when the ram arrives i can just put it in and boot the PC?
  9. P

    Question My ryzen 5 2600x came... With no protective window?

    I bought a ryzen 5 2600x recently and it came, ok good so far. But the side which displays the cpu has no protective case! Is this a problem? Thanks!
  10. 0

    Question new build PC won't boot

    Hello, I have been trying to learn how to build a PC and I'm at the point where I'm trying to start the PC up and install an OS. When it starts up, the computer takes a few moments, and then beeps once, and then beeps twice. I'm not sure what's wrong. I had read online that for my mobo this...
  11. F

    PC reboots on cool boot, after teh reboot is just fine

    Hi, i been having this kind of problem since today, today i made a clean intall of windows 10 home and when i turned down the PC and left it there i few hours i tried to boot but my PC just stayed in the POST screen and then it turned off and on by itself, after this, it loaded me to windows...
  12. EzTec

    Which game to play.... New GPU

    Hey everyone so finally my 1070 should be arriving tomorrow or the next day at the latest.... I have only played a few games for the PC, Titals that I own Titanfall - NFS Undercover - D3 and that's it... I am wondering if I should get into GTA 5 or is it too late maybe something else...
  13. E

    Reliable video card for office build with triple monitors?

    I need some help picking the right graphics card for my office computer. I have three monitors, with a total resolution of 4960x1440. Two monitors are positioned in Portrait mode, if that matters. I am willing to go NVIDIA or AMD. I don't really play games on this machine, so I do not need...
  14. BrandX

    What to do with a little £20 PC? Bought on a whim..

    Well, £27 including postage. I've always wanted a small-form PC so I bought this one on eBay just to mess around with and then I'll sell it on or give it away. It's just a toy. But what can I really do with it apart from use it as a door-stop? I suppose that's why it was £20. It does come with...
  15. E

    How is this possible? Valley bench scores

    I decided to OC my evga gtx780ti superclocked even further just to see what % of performance i would get and took a few unigine valley bench marks. what i seen has me confused? at its factory setting i scored 3117 and with a OC of 150MHz more on the core clock and 350MHZ on the memory i only...
  16. F

    Arctic Silver 5 or Actic MX-4 for GPU

    Hi, I have a Sony Vaio with a GT 540M and it seems to be throttling at 72oC. I was wondering which one is best to help stop the throttling?
  17. A

    £300 Budget Gaming System

    The Hyperlink below leads to a PC Just wondering how this computer would run in games
  18. M

    need help with info about replacement screen

    tring tofnd the info i need to Purchse replcment screen for acEr aspire 5532,cant find a number but i did take scren apart and found this...LP 156WH1 (TL) (A3) IT aso says ccfl cable on back of screen it 15.6 inch screen but do i need backlight info or resolution please HELP!!! ITS DRIVING ME...
  19. Niliu

    RAM Size Upgrade

    Howdy! Recently overhauled my PC with a new 750W power supply and a new graphics card, and to make the system more well rounded overall, I'd like to upgrade my RAM as well. I currently have two 2GB DDR3 sticks. Ideally I'd like to have two 4GB DDR3 sticks. I'm curious as to how I can determine...