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  1. S

    Question New RX 7900 XT not outputting video (Please help me)

    Hi, I am in desperate need of help at the moment, I am losing my mind as I try to upgrade my GPU. To begin, here are my specs: Intel core i7 12700k 32 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR5 5600 RAM ROG strix B760-I Gaming WIFI Powercolor Radeon RX 7900 XT Cooler Master V850 SFX Gold 850W 80+ Gold Samsung...
  2. S

    Best G-Sync monitor under 260?

    I need a monitor 1920x1080 144 hertz preferred
  3. Numb3red

    My computer will fully freeze and make a quick, staticy noise in the headphones whenever I run a game like Overwatch or PUBG?

    This problem is unprecedented, as nothing has changed with my system recently and I haven't experienced anything like this before. Windows 10, GTX 1070, i5-6600k, 16 GB RAM, 700 W power supply. UPDATE: It just happened again, this time without running anything but Chrome. It's happening more...
  4. K

    The Noise from my laptop is normal?

    Hi guys. I have a MSI GE62 (2 weak old) and there is a sound from my laptop even when fan is off. i had a sony vaio and it didn't sound like this.I uploaded the sound (in first 8sec phone is on the laptop then i grab it to 20 centimeter but in real world the sound is still the same.) Please...
  5. E

    will i benefit upgrading from an amd radeon 6900 series to an amd r9 280 or 280x?

    currently running amd 8150 8 core cpu with 16gb ram on an asus crosshair v formula mobo and an xfx amd radeon 6900 series video card. Was wondering if I would see any benefit with an asus r9 280 or 280X? or possible another xfx?