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  1. Z

    Question Whole PC cooling upgrade

    Hello everyone. I am thinking about upgrading the whole cooling of my PC (new case, gpu and cpu coolers + additional fans). My current specs: Case: Zalman Z11 plus (one fan is dead, and another one is dying i guess...) CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x (with stock cooler) motherboard: MSI MAG MORTAR B550M...
  2. R

    Question After switching to a new case the pc doesn't boot, no display, turns off in 10seconds.

    Hi, the components of the pc were not changed, the CPU and RAM stayed on the motherboard while it was placed in the new case. When I turn on the PC both the case fans and the CPU/GPU fans work fine, the rgb lighting of the case works as well, I can hear the HDD working as well, but the PC shuts...
  3. R

    Question Windows boot issues since swapping case

    Hi All I hope you can help. It's been a long time since I got my hands inside a PC and things have moved on but last night I swapped by PC into a new quieter case last night all seemed to go ok until re-starting where I received Preparing for automatic repair. I may have put my hard drive onto...
  4. T

    Question My PC is not showing a display after swapping cases

    So i swapped cases for my PC to add better cooling/airflow, as well as replacing my old HDD (storage only), and while i assumed i handled every component gingerly while transferring cases hoping minizing risk of an issue like this. Well, i got it anyway. So with everything plugged in, the PC...
  5. ScreperisLT

    [SOLVED] I need a case

    Hello, recently i have found out that my parts are overheating, becuase of bad airflow. Do you have any recommendations for good airflow case for less that 40$? I will buy a fan with the case too. I am thinking about Noctua NF12x25 PWM.
  6. JHazell55

    [SOLVED] Swapped cases, now system won't boot... Even after breadboarding

    Hi guys, so here's an odd one for you all. Until recently my PC case had been a massive biege tower. Although I loved it, it had little air circulation going (I still monitored my temps to make sure it never got too hot). So come Black Friday, I bought a new Bitfenix Shadow case. So, as you...
  7. Cheat_

    Question Motherboard potentially fried/ USB & GPU not powering and displaying image

    I have a prebuilt Inspiron 3847 from 2013 and I upgraded the processor from an i5 4440 to a i7 4790, added 2x8 sticks of ddr3 1600 MHz ram, put a new cpu cooler in, and a new power supply with some more storage. I have recently bought a H17 Versa Thermaltake windowless case to make it go...
  8. H

    Power Outlet Issues

    I have a 13A 240v plug extension and all my things plugged into it are 13A and 10A which = 23A all together my power supply in my computer is 650w is this safe at all and what should I do.
  9. S

    New build pc

    I have just built a new pc with these parts, Asus Prime Z370-P Motherboard 8GBx2 Corsair DDR4 memory Intel Core i5-8400S CPU Corsair TX-850w PSU Gigabyte Geforce GTX-590 graphics card All the parts are new apart from the gfx card and the psu which are 6 years old. The problem I am having is...
  10. C

    No Internet connectivity in win 10 after june17

    Upgraded from win 7 in Jan and all was weull until Friday 17th June when I lost all Internet connectivity hard wired and wireless. Network adapters are hidden and all show error 45 as does com, lpt ports Bluetooth and sw devices. Tried local drivers update but none found. Reset fails with no...
  11. qzydo

    Help me Choose additional RAM

    I am planning to add another 4GB to my existing 4 GB DDR3 RAM for my laptop. My existing RAM is shown in the first figure and the most similar RAM I found from a local store is the second image. Will both be perfectly compatible....? I want to maximize performance. I am having this now click...
  12. J

    Can't install windows

    I just put together a new computer and am having issues with my mobo detecting my ssd and when it finally does the windows install goes into a loop where it boots from the install disk upon the restart and begins the install process again. I've tried to disconnect my DVD drive right as the...
  13. maarkr

    What would you check before buying a used laptop? (software)

    I can check out the obvious appearance, devices/keys function, boot functions, BIOS... but what would you check to be sure there's no other issues before buying a laptop from someone you don't know? I can think of: run Windows validation check check the serial on "" run...