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New computer build

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    Question Recently built gaming rig but can't get past 100mbps

    So a few months ago i had built a gaming rig but for some reason i cannot get up to the internet speeds that i am paying for. An older, pre-built computer has no problem getting to the 250mbps range. I have all computers connected through ethernet and have confirmed it is not the cables nor the...
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    Question Nearly every game crashing on a new system

    So I recently did a sweep of upgrades for my computer and have been having constant issues with most games crashing. The crashes are sometimes CTDs, hard freezes, or freezes with audio still playing in the background. Titanfall 2 has given me a specific graphics error sometimes before closing as...
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    Discussion New to computer building. How are my choices?

    I'm planning on building my own computer from scratch. I'm totally new to building computers, however. The only thing that I know is what I've read that I'll need to build one. And I'll read more on how to actually build one when I get all the parts. With a lot of research about the bests and...
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    windows won't start

    Hi I accidentally Downloaded/installed a pup (potential unwanted program) and it made unwanted changes and then restarted then got critical process died (bsod) what should I do? Dell pc Windows 8 64-bit