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  1. PrimalReign

    [SOLVED] Clone whole and entire drive to another

    Hi, I know that there are quite similar questions to mine on here but I just had to make sure that it works for my specific lineup so please excuse me on that. So I recently got a whole new computer and the only thing that I kept was my GPU. I'm facing the problem that I want to clone my whole...
  2. B

    Question Is my CPU slow? + Should i get a new computer?

    I bought my computer about two years ago. Its been getting slower and slower, but its finally catching up to where its been annoying me. My computer has a i7-7700, and a 1060 3GB. It has been relatively fine, but over the past three ish months, ive noticed loading websites/games has been slower...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 BSOD few times a day

    Hey guys I want to ask for a help my friend have a new computer for like 2 months.He bought all of the parts I helped him with the compatibility of them I went to his place I built it but that's not the point. The point is after we built it we installed Win. 10 we had a license key from ebay for...
  4. Chanjahman


    I just got my pc 2 days ago and it keeps freezing and making buzzing noise. i talked with a tech but everything we tried so far didnt work. INTEL CORE I7-9700K (4.9GHz TURBO)(8-Core) 3.6GHz RAM: 16GB POWER SUPPLY: 600W DIGITAL STORM MOTHERBOARD: MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PLUS GPU: NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1650
  5. E

    Question New computer start-up issues

    Hi, I built my wife a new computer for business and after installing Windows 10, upon any restart, the computer goes to a black screen after the BIOS screen. Each time I have to reinstall Windows to get Windows to work, but it only works on the initial install. I have tried updating drivers for...
  6. D

    Question Computer Still Shutting Down

    So I thought I was done with this. I bought a computer from CyberPowerPC (specifically a Cyberpowerpc gma 3200 bst). It worked fine for a bit, but then it started to shut off while gaming. I thought this could either be a temperature issue or a PSU issue. The temps weren't amazing, but they...
  7. Prashant47

    Question PC making wierd grinding noise

    Hi guys hope you all having a really great day, so I build this pc 20 days ago and when I start my pc after 6-7 hours (after the night) on first boot my pc start making grinding noice but my win10 will load up without any issue but the grinding sound keep coming from my pc so I direct close it...
  8. P

    Question My computer and games are crashing.

    Hi, ive been reading alot of other threads and didnt find anything helpful. So... I built a new PC for around a month ago, with good specs. Gtx 1070 ryzen 5 2600 2x 8gb ddr4 3200mhz 250 gb ssd samsung Kraken x62 Asus Prime B450-plus Corsair vs450 450watt (NZXT H500i) if anyine were intrested...
  9. W

    My 1080 ti underperforming, please help!

    Ok english is not my first language just saying.. So i got the asus strix oc gtx 1080ti a week ago and it is under performing and doing worse than my old 980ti. Anyone know what could be the problem? On cs and fortnite im gettin 120fps avg which is really bad when i have a 144hz monitor. Im...
  10. E

    Only Half Memory Capacity Per Dimm Registering

    I am having an interesting problem where only half of my memory is available. I am running an i5 3570k at stock speeds on an MSI G41-Z77a motherboard with 2 kits totalling 32 GB, 4 x 8 GB dimms of 1600 MHZ G.Skillz Rip Jaws memory, a PNY GTX 970 and a 550 watt PSU. I have verified in the bios...
  11. K

    MSI GTX 1050 ti OC 6 pin power connector

    my MSI GTX 1050 ti OC looks like it has a 6 pin connector, I've overclocked the card and have been using it for a while and just now realized it existed, does the port work is my question...
  12. patrichpachich

    Good UPS for this gaming build

    Intel core i7-7700k Asus Strix Z270I Gaming GSkill Trident Z RGB 16GB 2x8GB DDR4 3000 GTX 1070 8gb Samsung 850 EVO 500gb Western Digital 2Tb Black Caviar Seasonic P-660 Platinum 660W NZXT Manta Black/Red ITX Corsair H100i V2 Liquid CPU AOC I2381FH 23" LED IPS Monitor We are getting power...
  13. I

    updating/flashing BIOS from NCS's "American Megatrends 9940" to any ASUS BIOS (P8H61-M LE)

    Hi, I got a P8H61-M LE motherboard off ebay I want to change the BIOS from NCS's "American Megatrends 9940" to any ASUS BIOS. , it's working fine no problems aside from a couple bsods which hopefully I can get worked out. should I even try to do this or just leave it as is? The bios ncs...
  14. M

    Bluetooth transmitter Question

    Is it Possible to send bluetooth sound from the HDMI socket, or is this just a source in socket. Thank you. MALCOLM.
  15. K

    Does my PC support GTX 1050 Ti?

    I'm thinking about to buy GTX 1050 Ti Graphics Card. Does it support Acer H61H2-AM V(1.1) motherboard? It has 1* PCI Exp x16 (2.0) My PC Specs: Motherboard: Acer H61H2-AM V(1.1) CPU: Intel Pentium 2 Core G630 RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333 Display: Acer V203H. It has only VGA input port. PSU: DPS-250AB-63...
  16. Jason Bowers

    Starting my computer without RAM

    I am working on building my computer, but my RAM has yet to be shipped. I want to make sure everything is hooked up properly, but I can boot anything up to check the motherboard codes. Is it possible to get that without my RAM? I am just worried that I might have messed something up and that's...
  17. L

    Want to Tom's Hardware website redesigned? I did it!

    Hi everyone! I don't have good spelling skill in English, so please forgive some mistakes. I'm web-designer from Russia and was looking for news-site project for my portfolio. And because Tom's Hardware always helps me pick best solutions i decided to do a conception. Now it's done, check out...
  18. S

    My fan is not running all the time. Is this ok?

    I went to the bios to see if there was an option to turn off the fan from running constantly. I found and turned off the option. The fan runs properly for when I run my video editing software, the fan runs at the speed it ran at before I turned off the settings in bios. It runs at normal...
  19. T

    Comcast TG1682G Wireless

    Greetings, I currently have the XFinity TG1682G modem/wireless in my bedroom. From it, I am running a hardwired connection to the living into a new router that I bought hoping to extend my wireless range. Another thing, I also need to have the wireless on in the bedroom so I can't have the...
  20. L

    Figuring out if router died or if AC adapter died?

    I have a powerline adapter connecting my router to an access point (i.e., an old DIR-615 being used as an AP). Yesterday, when I was going out, I noticed that the powerline adapter was not fully lit up and the power light on the DIR-615 was orange instead of green. I unplugged them both and...